Friday, October 06, 2006

Handicrafts go high fashion


Tasmin Cooper is the girl behind the self named fashion label from New Zealand . Specialising in hand embroidered silk items , this Queenstown based designer is a firm New Zealand fashion favourite .

The art of hand embroidery is something that is falling by the wayside with the introduction of mechanical embroidery so its great to see needlepoint not only being revived but positioned as a luxury product .

Tasmin produces a huge array of small items ranging from Wallets , makeup purses , scarves and bags all with high quality silk and an attention to detail . But its her silk velvet collection which has really turned heads . The range is made up by a collection of silk velvet coats which all feature the Tasmin Cooper signature hand embroidered and beaded detailing . Each timeless and stylish coat is available in a range of colours and lined with parachute silk .


Tasmin Cooper