Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nzgirl : The Best of Basics


In a world of green chiffon and baloon skirts what is a girl in want of the basics to do ?

There was a time when you could find beautiful , classic items that didnt cost the earth and that were not so trendy they could last more than a season . A gentler time , free of bubble skirts and skinny leg jeans . And if you crave for that time , then Nzgirl is the place for you .

It's the new fashion line from the popular kiwi online magazine which is full of well designed , made and finished garments . Everything is made right here in New Zealand and where possible local fabrics have been used as well . The line is fantastic , full of great staples like basic tops and skirts but peppered with statement items that are funky as well as functional .

Oh and yes before you ask , the model isnt a stick - shes a real girl , and all the clothes have been designed to flatter all body types . I know , I know be still my beating heart !