Monday, September 11, 2006

Lonely Heart ?


Gather near boys and girls for I am going to share with you a label who kicks serious fashion ass . If you are from New Zealand chances are you have heard of them and if not find a stockist , because without it your fashion heart is going to break .

If you want garments which are aesthetically stunning , different and edgy . Which create and defy trends and whilst doing so are still wearable then Lonely Hearts Club needs to be in your wardrobe .

For summer 2006/07 dark colour choices are given texture and dimension through innovative cuts and prints . Items which at first appear simple take on a new look in movement with each individual item offering a plethora of styling choices . My picks are the suspender skirt , bubble dress and the denim . But this fantastic draped jersey dress is on the top of my summer must have list and i imagine many others as well .

Lonely Hearts Club