Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its not a sofa .. Or a bed..


Im going to be honest and say im generally not a huge fan of sofa beds but i understand why people need them . I mean if your short on space and still need an extra bed for when your friends stay , of if you have a tiny living space and need that sofa to be your bed . Or if you just really dig things that do more than one thing . All that taken into account I don't really .. like sofa beds.

That is of course , apart from the pictured Doc sofa bed . For this sofa bed is decidedly stylish - I mean just look at it . Its neither hideous nor huge . But not only that , it transforms in a A super cool way which reminds me of transformers and hence makes me like it a whole bunch more . And if that wasn't enough the sofa does not just change into one bed - but bunks !



Doc Sofa Bed via Oh gizmo