Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Its always nice to have a little something that gives you the creative spark when your feeling a bit down . That's why I love the T - shirt surgery community on

This entire community is full of souls who are so cute and creative they make entire wardrobes out of re made t-shirts . The modifications range from the simple ( t shirts made into halter tops and simple skirts ) to the amazing ( t shirts made into ornate dresses , tailored jackets and bags ).

Some make money of their modified t-shirts selling them on eBay , others make to order . Many are simply experimenting , asking questions or making tutorials for others to use . It seems a great and simple way to get into the growing DIY movement , and the folks here are so supportive its no wonder they boast over four thousand members .

Be sure to check out their userinfo as well , which is home to a plethora of links ranging from inspiration sites to T-shirt stenciling community's and selling community's .

T-Shirt Surgery @ Livejournal