Thursday, September 07, 2006

Health and Happiness

Blue Earth

Never before have two words meant so much , than with the creations of Blue Earth .

Blue Earth is A kiwi company established in 1998 to create body products which were hand made , natural and which used the highest quality ingredients . This in itself is something to behold , but Renee and Warren ( the folks behind Blue Earth ) did not stop there . Inspired by the artist and father of the arts and crafts movement William Morris Blue Earth products are created with beauty , and artful manual precision which makes there finished products almost to pretty to use .

There range includes lip balms , moisutrisers and mother and child care . But my favourites are the stunningly beautiful soaps .With scents like Vanilla Chocolate , Fudgey Fig , Angels Love cake and Rhapsody of Roses how can you resist .

Blue Earth