Friday, June 09, 2006

Little Brother : New Zealand fashions shooting stars


I missed out on a couple of shows at NZ fashion week last year , one of the ones i was most disappointed about missing was Little Brother . As the fashion editor for a women’s lifestyle magazine its not that i was snubbed , in-fact it would have been kind of pointless for me to be there but that said i missed out on an awesome show .

Little Brother’s winter 2006 collection GAME draws its inspiration from the sport of game shooting . Shooting Suits are made modern through the use of innovative cuts and fabric blends . Satin , leather and accent colours of mustard and pink add a modern edge to traditional dogs tooth and stripe suiting . Whilst mis matched patterns and fabrics add a touch of whimsy .

The overall look is dark , moody and urban . Completely wearable garments which include Little Brother staples as well as a new line of luggage .

Little Brother