Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Time for Tea?


When i was growing up my family was never the kind of people to use coasters , there really was no need as we had melanine kitchen ware and table tops and glass topped furniture. Leaving drink rings on the precious furniture was never an issue - but with the pictured Stamp Cups by Valeria Miglioli & Barnaby Barford that would never be a problem anyway. The cups leave little designs where your tea cup rests so pretty that i would be happy to have them adorn any of my furniture . Coming in a set of two cups retail for £29.00 .


And for those who often make tea for others ( read me and my partner ) this above pictured double handled Hot Mug by electricwig means those diffucult transfers of hot beverages from person to person are a thing of the past .

Thorsten vanelten