Friday, November 11, 2005

Christmas a coming

With christmas fast approaching ( I’m already buying presents ) Im dedicating fridays to christmas specials . These will range from gift guides for the mother in law to stocking stuffer lists and of course lust after christmas gifts for the home , wardrobe and more . This Week is dedicated to little gifts or stocking stuffers Including a top five of stocking stuffer beauty buys which will have the girlie girl in your life grinning from ear to ear. So let the first christmas friday begin.
Top Five Beauty Stocking Stuffer Buys

She may be your boyfriends best friend , sister or mother . She may be that girl from the office , gym or play group or your girlfriends best friend - she may be the lady next door that feeds your cat , or that 16 year old cousin that you just dont get. She may even be you! But for most , there will be at least one lady in need of a present that is not too big or small but will have them happy on a day of gift giving and your wallet happy too . Beauty products are a great do all option in this occasion , with a huge variety of choice and great price options means that no one will be dissapointed .

1- La Petite Menagerie - This set of four luxery lip glosses from Lola offer beauty glamour on the go . The four mini lip glosses come with an interchangeable key ring that attaches easily to your gloss of choice. Lola gals never lose their lip gloss, and now they'll never lose their keys! Shades include: Celestial (sheer pastel pink with opalescence), Fantastica (sheer medium pink with opalescence), Muse (sheer golden pink with opalescence), and Passion (glistening hint of plum) From sephora Sephora

2- Miso Pretty Gift Pack - This would have to be a favourite pick for a number of reasons. Firstly the packaging and the humour is just too good to pass up and one of those really great items that appeals to all ages. Secondly the Miso Pretty products are DEVINE which accounts for there cult like status amongst the young and hip. Packed with deluxe exotic ingredients like bamboo, persimmon and peony petal they will please even the pickiest gal whilst the $19.99 (USD) price tag is ultra value especially when considering that buys you 1 X 2 oz. Fresh Picked Peony Hand & Body Cream, 1 X oz. Deep Sea Body Wash, full-size Blossoming Cherry Lip Balm and two 1.4 oz. Juicy Persimmon Bar Soaps! Availiable from Wishing Fish

3- Victoria's Secret Holiday Fragrance Coffret - Forget the lingerie - the best buys for christmas at VS are in there well stocked beauty department . With choices ranging from tutti dolci body whip to there own garden selection of perfumes and body creams to my favourite VS signatue scents. The Victoria's Secret Holiday Fragrance Coffret retails for $22 and includes a gorgeous refillable, silvertone atomizer and .07 oz. samples of dream angels heavenly, PINK, So in Love™ , Very Sexy® For Her and Basic Instinct™ all in a fantastic stylish gfit box. From Victoria’s Secret

4- Cargo GlossyGreetings Cards - Set of 10 - This is a perfect choice for aquaintences and office friends that you want to buy a little something for but dont want to buy a huge gift . The cute gift cards have a little button of Cargo lip gloss - bora bora built right into the card working as both a greeting and a present. Cargo are also making gift tag versions if you want to add something a little extra. Whats more is that these are a bargain retailing for only $20 for a set of 10 and 100% of the profits go to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Availiable from Sephora

5- Jaqua Shower Syrups gift set - From cult beauty brand Jaqua whose delicious scents and luxerious soothing , moisturising concotions are earning them friends amongst the rich and famous. This set of 4 2oz bottles of Jaquas signature bakery inspired scents range from • Buttercream Frosting Hydrating Shower Syrup with ginseng extract , Maple Syrup Hydrating Shower Syrup with maple extract , Tuscan Orange Hydrating Shower Syrup with mandarin extract to Caramel Cappuccino Hydrating Shower Syrup with ginseng extract. Jaqua