Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bubble Gal

Picture 4

Im now engaged , out of University and working , saving for a house and doing what appears to be very 'adult' things its enough to make me go mad.

It is then nice sometimes to indulge in things from my childhood , weather this be milk and cookies before bed , playing board games with my fiance or my new favourite past time - bubble baths! And whilst i am trying to recapture my youth somewhat with a rich sudsy bath im not so desperate that I want to use the novelty bubble bath sold in every department store world wide. No , i want something a little more sophisticated and ive found it at The Bubble Room.

The Bubble Room's bubble bath is free of harsh detergants and a little will lead to a very bubbly bath whilst aloe vera soothes skin and mixes of essential oils calm body and mind . And the bubbles need never stop as the fantstastic concoctions can be used as shower gel too for the those days that you would rather be adult than child.

The Bubble Room