Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bed head.. or skull


Kathy Steig is the talented and crafty designer behind the pictured skull bedding set and towels from a range of crafty goodies that show even the most seemingly mundane item can be fun and stylish . Steigs range of homewares includes towels and bedding sets which are appliqued and emroidered with designs ranging from robots to pin - up girls and my favourite the sweetly creepy skulls.

Using high quality products as a base , Kathy Steigs range availiable through is an example of a simple yet great design executed fantastically.


Kathy Steig @

Global Design


Im a sucker for illustration , and things that are cheap and cheerfull which is why the range of acessories from global design make me so happy . Global design uses the tallents of designers from three continents to create a range of funky items created in limited numbers and featuring original illustration prints.

Availiable from iko iko in New Zealand and Milk Sugar .

Friday, November 11, 2005

Christmas a coming

With christmas fast approaching ( I’m already buying presents ) Im dedicating fridays to christmas specials . These will range from gift guides for the mother in law to stocking stuffer lists and of course lust after christmas gifts for the home , wardrobe and more . This Week is dedicated to little gifts or stocking stuffers Including a top five of stocking stuffer beauty buys which will have the girlie girl in your life grinning from ear to ear. So let the first christmas friday begin.
Top Five Beauty Stocking Stuffer Buys

She may be your boyfriends best friend , sister or mother . She may be that girl from the office , gym or play group or your girlfriends best friend - she may be the lady next door that feeds your cat , or that 16 year old cousin that you just dont get. She may even be you! But for most , there will be at least one lady in need of a present that is not too big or small but will have them happy on a day of gift giving and your wallet happy too . Beauty products are a great do all option in this occasion , with a huge variety of choice and great price options means that no one will be dissapointed .

1- La Petite Menagerie - This set of four luxery lip glosses from Lola offer beauty glamour on the go . The four mini lip glosses come with an interchangeable key ring that attaches easily to your gloss of choice. Lola gals never lose their lip gloss, and now they'll never lose their keys! Shades include: Celestial (sheer pastel pink with opalescence), Fantastica (sheer medium pink with opalescence), Muse (sheer golden pink with opalescence), and Passion (glistening hint of plum) From sephora Sephora

2- Miso Pretty Gift Pack - This would have to be a favourite pick for a number of reasons. Firstly the packaging and the humour is just too good to pass up and one of those really great items that appeals to all ages. Secondly the Miso Pretty products are DEVINE which accounts for there cult like status amongst the young and hip. Packed with deluxe exotic ingredients like bamboo, persimmon and peony petal they will please even the pickiest gal whilst the $19.99 (USD) price tag is ultra value especially when considering that buys you 1 X 2 oz. Fresh Picked Peony Hand & Body Cream, 1 X oz. Deep Sea Body Wash, full-size Blossoming Cherry Lip Balm and two 1.4 oz. Juicy Persimmon Bar Soaps! Availiable from Wishing Fish

3- Victoria's Secret Holiday Fragrance Coffret - Forget the lingerie - the best buys for christmas at VS are in there well stocked beauty department . With choices ranging from tutti dolci body whip to there own garden selection of perfumes and body creams to my favourite VS signatue scents. The Victoria's Secret Holiday Fragrance Coffret retails for $22 and includes a gorgeous refillable, silvertone atomizer and .07 oz. samples of dream angels heavenly, PINK, So in Love™ , Very Sexy® For Her and Basic Instinct™ all in a fantastic stylish gfit box. From Victoria’s Secret

4- Cargo GlossyGreetings Cards - Set of 10 - This is a perfect choice for aquaintences and office friends that you want to buy a little something for but dont want to buy a huge gift . The cute gift cards have a little button of Cargo lip gloss - bora bora built right into the card working as both a greeting and a present. Cargo are also making gift tag versions if you want to add something a little extra. Whats more is that these are a bargain retailing for only $20 for a set of 10 and 100% of the profits go to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Availiable from Sephora

5- Jaqua Shower Syrups gift set - From cult beauty brand Jaqua whose delicious scents and luxerious soothing , moisturising concotions are earning them friends amongst the rich and famous. This set of 4 2oz bottles of Jaquas signature bakery inspired scents range from • Buttercream Frosting Hydrating Shower Syrup with ginseng extract , Maple Syrup Hydrating Shower Syrup with maple extract , Tuscan Orange Hydrating Shower Syrup with mandarin extract to Caramel Cappuccino Hydrating Shower Syrup with ginseng extract. Jaqua

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kitty House


As the owner of an orange cat that needs protection from the sun even when outside the idea of an outdoors / indoors kitty house for a cat to sleep , sit or shelter in is very clever. But lets be honest the reason i love this house is because its just too cute for words.

Inspired by traditional bird houses this kittyHOUSE from Jane Hamley Wells is described as a fun place to sleep and play and a touch of whimsey to any decor .

Jane Hamley Wells

Coffee Break


Like everything from Eva Solo this beautifully designed cafesolo coffee maker mixes a clever idea with a clever design . Designed for the user to experience the pure real taste of coffee - that is coffe beans and water. Simply spoon the ground coffee beans into the hourglass decanter and add boiling water stir then add the filter stopper , after four miuntes pour for coffe perfection . Whilst the stylish neoprene cover keeps the coffee warm for over an hour.

Eva Solo

Getting Crafty


Need something a little orginal? Maybe hand crafted , or individual ? Then Etsy is the place for you , a kind of mix between so crafty and ebay the website is dedicated to the buying and selling of all thing hand made from cutesy knitted items to homewares and jewels like the pictured necklace from ccjewelry .


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Velvet Goldmine

Velvet touches were everywhere at New Zealand Fashion Week so as i started browsing what the stores had to offer both at home in New Zealand and abroad . i Kept an eye out for Velvet knowing that i should stock up now for the cooler months. And like the perfect shopper I am it didint take long to come across the perfect velvet finds that will have you chomping at the bit to throw on the luxe fabric weather your in the sunny southern hemisphere or the chilly northen one.

So lets start at the very beggining , my velvet lust was started at fashion week where velvet was made into beautiful coats at Barbara Lee and sash like touches at karen Walker . However the thing that really got me going was the dresses - velvet most commonly used for outerwear and accecories was used in Yvonne Benneti for Marilyn esque glamour girl gowns in brilliant blue . The glamour gowns seemed like an idea perfectly suited for velvet which shimmered in the light , smoothed over the feminine curves and created beautiful soft , seductive shiloettes and punchy colours. My favourite pick of these dresses was the pictured gown from Kate Sylvester which is the perfect mix of sweet and sexy and will fly off the shelves!

I like the idea that Luxe fabrics can be worn every day , weather this be silk to the office , cashmere on a trip out to the supermarket or a pair of satin edged shorts to work out at the gym. Ive never been too precious and can often be spotted wearing ornate beaded camis with a pair of $20 jeans on a trip out to buy bread and milk. So velvet? - surely its an everyday fabric. Enter the pictured Kimchi & Blue Chiffon Velvet Cami from Urban Outfitters which is a perfect mix of practicality and luxery. The pretty v neck cami has wide chiffon straps that knot where they join the body and angle down the V neckline, with silk panels at the meeting of the V. Its simply gorgeous and would look fantastic paired with a silk or crepe skirt for evening wear or denim and a pair of flats for coffe and cake with the girls. Delightfull.

Velvet from the nose to the toes? Why not - these Velvet Bow Kitten Heels are from one of my favourite stores Boden . Availiable in chocolate , olive and brown tweed these stylish and classic pointed toe kitten heels feature co-ordinating velvet ribbon detail which adds a bit of whimsy and a touch of girlishness to the practical shoe. A great choice for work wear as they will enable you to mix and match acessories but also a great idea for simply wearing under jeans or with a pair of summer shorts to add weight to your finished outfit.

Caplets were the style du jour last winter , with every fashionista clambering to get a caplet in every fabric and colour. This trend sets to continue as the fashion set appreciate the versatility of the almost jacket almost cardigan garment. The pictured Lux Crushed Velvet Puff Sleeve Jacket is availiable in both black and pink from Urban Outfitters . Puff sleeves are a great choice for those with a bigger arm as they create the illusion of thinness by juxtoposing the size of the puff with the actual size of your arm. Whilst the versatility of the ribbon tie caplet and cut makes it a perfect choice for over a t shirt , cami or over a winter time dress. For those in the southern hemisphere this is even a great choice for summer wear to protect your skin from the sun.

Time for Tea?


When i was growing up my family was never the kind of people to use coasters , there really was no need as we had melanine kitchen ware and table tops and glass topped furniture. Leaving drink rings on the precious furniture was never an issue - but with the pictured Stamp Cups by Valeria Miglioli & Barnaby Barford that would never be a problem anyway. The cups leave little designs where your tea cup rests so pretty that i would be happy to have them adorn any of my furniture . Coming in a set of two cups retail for £29.00 .


And for those who often make tea for others ( read me and my partner ) this above pictured double handled Hot Mug by electricwig means those diffucult transfers of hot beverages from person to person are a thing of the past .

Thorsten vanelten

New Zealand Fashion Week


Around 14,000 guests and 600-700 buyers and media representing more than 14 countries attended 37 shows over the course of the week, with 46 labels showing and 54 businesses showcased in the Exhibition, up from 35 in 2004 New Zealand Fashion Week was a sucess.

And although some labels couldnt make it , it was a great time and a lot of new talent was put on show. I loved Deborah Sweeneys first Fashion Week offering , and Micheal Pattison showed us that he is a talent to watch . Whilst Karen Walker picturd above, Zambesi , Trelise Cooper and Hailwood put on show the exact reason why they are so well regarded in the Industry. New Favourites for me were Barbara Lee and Caroline Moore whose shows were innovative and beautiful yet never compromising on style or wearablitiy.


Major trends for winter 2006 see 80s influences continue with tapered /skinny leg pants , wide lappeled jackets and baloon skirts like the baloon dress pictured above from Zambesi. Whilst tudor and elizabethan influences make there way through with high necked white shirts and tailored gothic influenced suiting and outerwear.

Other designers used colours , shapes and textures from the praire like the collectons of Trelise Cooper and Deborah Sweeney who is pictured below.


All in all a great week , and i had ALOT of fun . If you want to read more check out my Fashion Week Diary at Nzgirl or visit the offical New Zealand Fashion Week Website.

Skin Food


Fashion Week was hectic , and it did get to the point when i would sit down in a show and then rummage through my goodie bag in the hope that a chocolate bar was included . Running from show to show - lugging my huge press bag and wearing impractical shoes is part of the payment though for having the oppourtunity to view so many great designers work.

And let me tell you , some of the best discoverys were not made on the catwallk but in the goodie bags and one of my favourites ? Pacifica Skin care.

The range of New Zealand made products include blends of unique and natural ingrediants such as fig oil , and seaweed mixed with there luxe and pure base oils of sweet almond and calendula . The result are beautiful products which smell gorgeous , look fantastic and keep my skin looking bright and fresh whilst combinations like grape and apple , papaya and peacherine and cherry and tangerine keep my senses tingling!

My favourite however is the date , fig and olive hand and body lotion which smells gorgeous and is lovely on post sun skin.

Pacifica Skincare

Bubble Gal

Picture 4

Im now engaged , out of University and working , saving for a house and doing what appears to be very 'adult' things its enough to make me go mad.

It is then nice sometimes to indulge in things from my childhood , weather this be milk and cookies before bed , playing board games with my fiance or my new favourite past time - bubble baths! And whilst i am trying to recapture my youth somewhat with a rich sudsy bath im not so desperate that I want to use the novelty bubble bath sold in every department store world wide. No , i want something a little more sophisticated and ive found it at The Bubble Room.

The Bubble Room's bubble bath is free of harsh detergants and a little will lead to a very bubbly bath whilst aloe vera soothes skin and mixes of essential oils calm body and mind . And the bubbles need never stop as the fantstastic concoctions can be used as shower gel too for the those days that you would rather be adult than child.

The Bubble Room

Domestic godess


Anyone that knows me knows i have a thing for cooking - especially baking things like cupcakes and poundcakes or indulging in the occasional pancake breakfast. So of course my eyes can sometimes gloss over when in the homewares section of my favourite department stores.

That said , i have never quite found a better range of bakeware and cookware than the living kitchen range from Nigella . The domestic godess herself has put her seal of approval on everything from coffe cups to bread bins and measuring spoons all which are designed in soft tones of greens , creams and blues which compliment the curvacious and organic forms used.

Although i take delight in every product in the range the cute measuring cups pictured above are just too adodrable to pass up - Nigella designed them with beauty and practicality in mind after she discovered that nearly every measuing cup she came across was stainless steel and practical without any personality or charm.

You can purchase Nigella's living kitchen range around the globe but to find out more about stockists vist her Website.