Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy feet


My grandmother said there were two types of woman the first loved handbags and the second love shoes and I am very much the second type.

I have mentioned my shoe fixation at least once here , and anyone who has visited my house knows my collection is large and growing. So it only makes sense that i keep my finger on the footwear pulse.

Massey University graduate and A.M.P scholarship winner Kathryn Wilson's dream of becoming a footwear designer was realised when Kathryn launched her debut range of leather footwear under C.Sills Ltd . This in itself is quite a feat given the fact there are no footwear design and manafacturing courses in New Zealand and secondly there are few footwear designers who call this country home.

Kathryns footwear are nothing short of beautiful , combining her impressive design tallent with great quality components and fantastic workmanship the stylish and versatile range has earned rave reviews from fashion followers nation wide.

Kathryn Wilson Footwear