Friday, October 14, 2005

Hang around the neck

I admitt im an avid shopper , and that i probably spend too much money . I also know that I can justify any purchase - even the most ridiculous but there is one thing that im stocking up on right now which is honestly a great buy.

The humble necklace has never before been such a fashion staple , and gone are the days of only diamonds and sterling silver with a range of funky jewels know availiable in everything from 24 kt gold and turqouise to inexpensive beads and wool.


Originally i was looking for something different to wear with my plain black long sleeve and baby tees . Ideally something with a little colour , and texture that could elevate my plain basics to after dinner drink wear and that could also be worn with my little black dress. I came across the pictured cloisonnAc enamel decorated pendant above at Urban Outfitters . Hanging from a gold toned chain is a large circular enamel pendant painted with pretty butterfly and flowers in bright color with gold highlights . Baubles and beads hang either side and the whole necklace and pendant has an almost asian feel which leaves the rather large jewel feeling dainty and intricate as well as bold . A great buy at $48.00 (USD) that can be worn layerd with coloured beads for a more casual look.


For something a little more casual , and utterly cute the above pictured crocheted cluster necklace made by Patchy NYC avaiable from Fred Flare is bold , bright and beautiful . Hanging on chains of bronce and gold the necklace is comprised of two layers of hand-crocheted petals tiny vintage beads and other special details which create a jumble of wildflower fun. Perfect to wear with a plain colourfull tank or as a statement peice against a crisp black shirt the necklace which retails for $526 (USD) is as much art as fashion.


One of my favourite designers of all time Karen Walker , has been making jewllery to accompany her fashion collections for some time - and although at the moment its her statement tusk / tooth necklace which is being seen absolutely everywhere is the style du jour my favourites are still the small pendants and chain combinations like the Runaway girl Pendant pictured above. Availiable in sterling silver , yellow gold and white gold the necklace retails from $98.00 (USD) and is an iconic piece of Karen Walker design.


And sometimes the best bold finds are closer to home , my lovely partner just bought me this great bold vintage inspired necklace from the auction site Trademe for next to nothing . Which just goes to show some shopping really is a bargin.