Thursday, October 13, 2005



When people hear a message over and over again sometimes it becomes less effective - some times people just turn off and dont listen. Sometimes people ignore it and sometimes... well sometimes people just never believe it will happen to them.

'The effects of AIDS are widely underplayed today. This complacency is very dangerous: not only is the virus due to mutate into new forms for which there is no medication (new strains have been found already) – the ratio of infection is on the rise close to us as well.'

Designers Agaisnt Aids brings together artists , designers and photographers from around the world to once again throw a spotlight on the topic of aids. DAA is T-shirt/jersey based fashion line sold in fashion, concept and music shops.50% of the netto proceeds of the sales of the t-shirts will go to the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp/Belgium to help fund their grundbreaking aids research.

Closer to home , those in New Zealand can support The New Zealand Aids Foundation who hold a variety of charity events and are actively envolved in safe sex education and education about HIV and AIDS.

Designers Against Aids