Friday, October 14, 2005

Hang around the neck

I admitt im an avid shopper , and that i probably spend too much money . I also know that I can justify any purchase - even the most ridiculous but there is one thing that im stocking up on right now which is honestly a great buy.

The humble necklace has never before been such a fashion staple , and gone are the days of only diamonds and sterling silver with a range of funky jewels know availiable in everything from 24 kt gold and turqouise to inexpensive beads and wool.


Originally i was looking for something different to wear with my plain black long sleeve and baby tees . Ideally something with a little colour , and texture that could elevate my plain basics to after dinner drink wear and that could also be worn with my little black dress. I came across the pictured cloisonnAc enamel decorated pendant above at Urban Outfitters . Hanging from a gold toned chain is a large circular enamel pendant painted with pretty butterfly and flowers in bright color with gold highlights . Baubles and beads hang either side and the whole necklace and pendant has an almost asian feel which leaves the rather large jewel feeling dainty and intricate as well as bold . A great buy at $48.00 (USD) that can be worn layerd with coloured beads for a more casual look.


For something a little more casual , and utterly cute the above pictured crocheted cluster necklace made by Patchy NYC avaiable from Fred Flare is bold , bright and beautiful . Hanging on chains of bronce and gold the necklace is comprised of two layers of hand-crocheted petals tiny vintage beads and other special details which create a jumble of wildflower fun. Perfect to wear with a plain colourfull tank or as a statement peice against a crisp black shirt the necklace which retails for $526 (USD) is as much art as fashion.


One of my favourite designers of all time Karen Walker , has been making jewllery to accompany her fashion collections for some time - and although at the moment its her statement tusk / tooth necklace which is being seen absolutely everywhere is the style du jour my favourites are still the small pendants and chain combinations like the Runaway girl Pendant pictured above. Availiable in sterling silver , yellow gold and white gold the necklace retails from $98.00 (USD) and is an iconic piece of Karen Walker design.


And sometimes the best bold finds are closer to home , my lovely partner just bought me this great bold vintage inspired necklace from the auction site Trademe for next to nothing . Which just goes to show some shopping really is a bargin.

Trelise in the bedroom


I have always been a fan of Trelise Cooper , whom constantly creates feminine and wearable garments which ooze individuality and sex appeal. A fan of beading , lace and colour the tallented Trelise Cooper is a self taught designer whose sucess is not simple relegated to day wear.

The label Trelise Cooper encorporates a range of sub labels , Trelise Cooper , Cooper by Trelise and my new favourite Trelise Cooper Lingerie. The lingerie line encorporates luxerious silks , lace and gem stones on garments which are beautifully cut to accentuate the female form - the perfect bedroom buddy.

Trelise Cooper

Thursday, October 13, 2005



When people hear a message over and over again sometimes it becomes less effective - some times people just turn off and dont listen. Sometimes people ignore it and sometimes... well sometimes people just never believe it will happen to them.

'The effects of AIDS are widely underplayed today. This complacency is very dangerous: not only is the virus due to mutate into new forms for which there is no medication (new strains have been found already) – the ratio of infection is on the rise close to us as well.'

Designers Agaisnt Aids brings together artists , designers and photographers from around the world to once again throw a spotlight on the topic of aids. DAA is T-shirt/jersey based fashion line sold in fashion, concept and music shops.50% of the netto proceeds of the sales of the t-shirts will go to the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp/Belgium to help fund their grundbreaking aids research.

Closer to home , those in New Zealand can support The New Zealand Aids Foundation who hold a variety of charity events and are actively envolved in safe sex education and education about HIV and AIDS.

Designers Against Aids

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Great Site - Aduki


At the beggining of this year I got the chance to go down to Dunedin Fashion Week after winning a design competition. I fell in love with the beautiful city , wonderful people and AMAZING designers - with so many tallented Fashion Designers calling the student city home Fashionistas were spoilt for choice at the action packed week.

One of my favourite labels was Aduki designed by Juliet Fay who creates innovative and funky fun clothing which is simple , wearable and different. This ranges from printed tees to classic well cut skirts and pants and one of the best v neck hoodies i have ever found.

Now her designs are availiable to all through the new Aduki website . Made in flash , this funky website encapsulates the ideas behind the label itself and presents them in an easy to use and cute interface which works well and is not a victim to slow loading times.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy feet


My grandmother said there were two types of woman the first loved handbags and the second love shoes and I am very much the second type.

I have mentioned my shoe fixation at least once here , and anyone who has visited my house knows my collection is large and growing. So it only makes sense that i keep my finger on the footwear pulse.

Massey University graduate and A.M.P scholarship winner Kathryn Wilson's dream of becoming a footwear designer was realised when Kathryn launched her debut range of leather footwear under C.Sills Ltd . This in itself is quite a feat given the fact there are no footwear design and manafacturing courses in New Zealand and secondly there are few footwear designers who call this country home.

Kathryns footwear are nothing short of beautiful , combining her impressive design tallent with great quality components and fantastic workmanship the stylish and versatile range has earned rave reviews from fashion followers nation wide.

Kathryn Wilson Footwear

Monday, October 10, 2005

A magic little pot


You can be forgiven for thinking from time to time that cosmetics is more about slick packaging and advertising than it is about a product that works. And if im going to be honest more than once i have been suckerd in by something that looks and smells good but provides no results. That is why when you find out that a range of products have become sucessfull through results and positive word of mouth that you know its worth a try.

I have been a fan of Tui Balmes and Waxes since a friend of mine gave me one of there lip balms as a birthday present whilst i was still in high school. Tui use natural and organic ingrediants like organic beeswax , olive oil and neem oil which are also free from artificial preservatives, emulsifiers, colouring agents, stabilisers or chemical additives .

Made in New Zealand , the products are also a great option for massage therapists or other professionals as most products can be orderd in larger containers for commerical use !

Tui Balms and Waxes

Quick Tip

I have a few Fashion Week events to go to , you know the types that involve cocktail dresses and impossibly high heels. And despite my rather expansive wardrobe I assured myself that for such swanning and networking I indeed needed not one but two new dresses.

Surely this would be simple?

NO. After two weeks of hunting I almost gave up and then wandered into Far Pavillions on Victoria Street in Wellington. Full to the brim with beautifully made , slightly ethnic and gorgeously individual womans wear and home wares it was harder trying to pick just one dress - but in the end I settled on a beautiful brown chifon beaded sheath dress which is one of the most beautiful things i have ever owned. And whats better it did no cost me the earth!

So if you are in Wellington , and in need of something fantastic the range and brilliant service at Far Pavilions will not let you down.

Far Pavilions

New Range at WAS New Zealand


We are already fans of WAS New Zealand's range of fantastically made and designed bags and have mentioned them at least once on fashionista But the new range of clutches from the dynamic bag company is super stylish .

The perfect size for all your essentials but small enough to not overwhelm , the clutch is a must have item for any fashion follower male or female.

WAS New Zealand

Friday, October 07, 2005

Think Pink


Im a girl who lives in a country where we have some of the highest numbers of women dieing from breast cancer. Its touched my family and the family of every one of my friends and co workers – it really is a case of it being odd if you have not got a link to Breast Cancer.

That is why i really do like it when , companies get together and share the love a little by donating time or money to cancer research facilities or aide trusts and its even better when they are selling products which are fantastic. Enter cosmetic super store Sephora who have just released a range of mixed pinks boxed sets. You can choose from the Mixed Pinks – Scent pictured above , Mixed Pinks – Gloss or Mixed Pinks -skin pictured below. Each features a range of fantastic products from a range of different companies and Sephora will donate $12 from the sale of each set to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.



Thursday, October 06, 2005

A foot in the door or an ultimate experience


Air New Zealand Fashion Week is fast approaching , and whilst im begging for show tickets and arranging airfares a huge amount of work is being done up at Auckland to make sure everything is running smoothly - and by being someone helpfull you can be part of the fashion week action and maybe get a foot in the door.

Fashion personal is looking for volynteer VIP minders for Fashion week . As a minder you will be appointed to an international buyer, and will be responsible for making sure that they have everything they need to do business. You will accompany them to all on-site shows (you won’t have allocated seats, but you will get to see the shows), organise cars and taxis, make sure they eat, make and get to appointments – all co-ordinated through FINZ .

This is a great oppourtunity for anyone who wants to get into the industry , weather this be buying , VM , PR or PA work or design or simply for someone who wants a little fun. One can NEVER underestimate the power of contacts and these VIP's will be powerfull players.

You can see more about the role at the Fashion Personal section on the Fashionz website.

New Brands at Ruby


Cult Brands Mimco , Speedy Chick and KuKui are now availiable through Ruby stores Nationwide.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A coat , A ghost , A tree.


Sometimes the most simple things can be the most beautiful , such as a coat rack. Its one of those practical things that nearly all of us need to own - especially in a cold winter wellington where the rain and wind seem to surround your every move.
But have you looked at coat -racks recently? Its all a little dull.

All except for the pictured ghost coat tree from seatle artist Erich Ginder. Hand made of cast resin , the beautiful coat tree will be a feature piece of artwork in your home when not in use.

Ghost Coat Tree at Velocity Art and Design



I have mentioned here before that Talla are the makers of some of the best clutches and handbags you will find anywhere , but they also make a great tee.

Tees , have once again become the style du jour - in a time when money is low and style conciousness is high Talla's line of printed tees allows you to get a lot of fashion bang for your buck. Availiable in bold and bright printed designs such as the pictured horse tee or in more subtle embroiderd looks there really is something for every style and budget.


Monday, October 03, 2005



I grew up in a house where books and reading were strongly encouraged by my parents who prolifically brought and read everything from novels , to vintage literature and reference books . Its a pastime that I and my siblings adore , with each of us owning our own mini librarys and often stealing books from my parents collections.

But when you have such beautiful books it almost seems a shame to put them into a booring everyday bookshelf which is why I am crazy for the pictured Book Worm book shelf by Kartell designed by Ron Arad . The shelf is whimsical , beautiful and practical keeping your books within reach but out of the dusty realms of the ever boring book shelf .

Bookworm @ Backhouse