Friday, September 16, 2005

Brow Wow


Sometimes the smallest of deatails can utterly change the finished look , weather this be embrodiery on a jacket or ribbon tied around a plain black dress – or as many know by changing the shape of your eyebrows.

You only have to have one bad plucking or brow colour experience to know how important the humble eyebrow is in shaping , framing and accentuating aspects of the face. And if you are a little scared of doing anything with our brows at home for this reason then there really is no need to fear.... anymore.

The Sticky Stencil kit from famed Anastasia beverly hills provides the end user with Petite Arch, Medium Arch, and High Arch Stencils so you can get the perfect brow at home. Simply position it over the brows and fill for prefect brows that suit any face shape .

posted by Fashionista @ 7:58 AM