Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Little Black Dress


A great little black dress is ..great but the beauty of the little black dress comes with the accessories you wear with it. You can go classic with diamonds and a silver shoe , understated with a simple black shoe and a simple necklace, you can channel Audrey with over sized black sunglasses and elbow length gloves – but the acessories make a great black dress brilliant!

Thats why i love the pictured black banded dress with flower from Rosa Costanzo . Made from 100% cotton , the dress features a longer torso and a wide waistband so you can adjust to fit. The dress comes with the dramatic floral pin featured which takes all the hard accessory finding work out for you.

Rosa Costanzo black dress @ stylefinds.com

Gummy Bear Beauty


First created by German candy makers and much loved by the likes of Homer Simpson – gummi candy is underniably delicious . But when you mix a much loved candy treat with green tea extract and biogenic vitamin c you come up with a revolutionary beauty product which wallks the line between food and cosmetic.

Borba are the folks behind the 100 percent organic gummi bears with a difference , the bio vitamin complex in the tasty confections have links to such wonderful things as toxin removing and the promotion of clear skin.

Borba @ Sephora

Friday, September 23, 2005

Glassy Lady


Sick of flowers ? Maybe even your favourite trinkets are getting tired? Well take a leaf out of my book and turn your drinking vessels into glassy house acessories which will light up any window , un used fire place or side desk .

With the prices of delightful glass-wear so cheap it seems a shame to simply use it for drinking and storing it away in your cold dark cupboards accordingly. So why not stock up on coloured and interestingly designed glasses to use as a design focus in your room which can prove functional like the above pictured tall tini glasses above and daddy long leg goblets below from CB2.


Glasses at CB2

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Lush Lip Locking


Im a lip balm addict , who can often be caught with more than one lip treatment in her bag ( palmers coco butter , JC beauty lip balm , tui lip salve and Nivea essentials ). So i consider myself some what of a lip product afficienado.

It does not matter if you are a guy looking to keep your lips from drying out , someone who is prepping lips for lipstick or a teenage girl who is not allowed to wear lipstick yet – lip balm is a great thing to have handy and with the variety around its easy to own 1 or 100.

So if your lip balm passion is as big as mine or you simply want to get in on the act why not try the fantastic lip medic lip balm of the month club! Get sent a new lip balm every month for either six or 12 months by the knowing team at lip medic. With different plans to choose from this is a great choice for a lip balm addict or as a gift for someone else.

Lip balm of the month club

In the Name of fun and games!


Im excited about a lot of things. Planning my wedding , the summer sun coming our way , a pair of yellow wedge sandals I saw in the window of classica and a whole realm of shopping which is soon to be heading my way. What am i tallking about?

In the past year theLower Hutt Westfield Shopping Centre ( the New Zealand version of a mall) has been receiving a massive upgrade including boring practical stuff such as better flooring , lighting and access as well as increased carparking . But what im really interested in is the new range of shopping that is heading our way care of the huge increase in store space. The wellington complex has already seen additions such as Dotti , Portmans , Jaqui E , David Lawrence , Cue and Esprit as well as refits for existing stores such as Amazon , Glassons and Sussans. But coming November the second stage of the centre will open including Australian Store Peter Alexander whom made the fantastic pictured pink Backgammon Set pictured.

Peter Alexander

Friday, September 16, 2005

Brow Wow


Sometimes the smallest of deatails can utterly change the finished look , weather this be embrodiery on a jacket or ribbon tied around a plain black dress – or as many know by changing the shape of your eyebrows.

You only have to have one bad plucking or brow colour experience to know how important the humble eyebrow is in shaping , framing and accentuating aspects of the face. And if you are a little scared of doing anything with our brows at home for this reason then there really is no need to fear.... anymore.

The Sticky Stencil kit from famed Anastasia beverly hills provides the end user with Petite Arch, Medium Arch, and High Arch Stencils so you can get the perfect brow at home. Simply position it over the brows and fill for prefect brows that suit any face shape .

posted by Fashionista @ 7:58 AM 


Some of my favourite sites are my favourites purely because of the design , the partner of a Web Developer and the sister of an Interactive Designer you get a bit picky about these things but dRESSLAb is more than great design.

The flash site is certainly pretty , easy to navigate and clever to boot but the reason this is a great site is in the content. Weather it be the beautiful photography , great show coverage or brilliant beauty the site always has the highest quality content and the most interesting of ideas.

However the reason i LOVE this site is the play section which is the best way for a fashionista to waste time on the internet ( bar this place of course )


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Button Up


Is your wardrobe full with plain separates? Solid colour tees , that old denim jacket , plain black pea coat and that lemon yellow tote can all be acessorised and transformed through the use of buttons or pins. The pictured map print buttons are from a huge selection sold through copacetique . With designs ranging from pretty florals to cutesy illustrations there really is something for everyone.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Cooshy Spot


They say it on all of those interior decoration shows , and i swear ive heard it uttered by a few design moguls once or twice – the power of the throw cushion in the world of interior decoration is immense. Simply paint your room a block colour and use the accents such as light shades , floor coverings and of course throw cushions to completely change the look of your room.

However as good as this sounds cushions can honestly be a bit expensive , often retailing between $50 and $70 a piece it would be almost cheaper to paint the room again and be done with it – not so for the pictured striking cushions from Ezibuy. One design of a range , these Toulese Cushions are just $29.95 and are availiable in three fantastic colour suitable for any room.

However if you are looking for something more casual and relaxed why not try the warm and cosy cable knit cuishions pictured below . They two are avaiable in three colours and can be complimented by matching throw blankets making them a great choice for the bedroom , spare room or reading nook. Also made by ezibuy they are just $24.95 each making them great value.





As much as I would like to , I cant wear chiffon dresses , pencil skirts and round toed heels constantly without coming up against obstacles. And this is why my wardrobe is as full with baby tees and denim as it is with chiffon dresses and heels.

My favourite buys are printed tees which allow you to display some sense of yourself through the printed designs from cheeky sayings to the illustrations of your favourite designer or the faces of the bands on your ipod. My latest love is the pictured Mod is dead / go shirt from Fluffy Noodle . Offering shirts for both guys and chicas its a great place to stock up on funky threads made by talented designers.

Fluffy Noodle Mod is dead/go shirt

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hello again

Fashion and style's posts have been a little absent of late but its not due to a lack of interest in this fantastic fashion and style blog. The reasons for the lack of posts is two fold - the first is that on the 13th of August i became engaged and have been spending a lot of time recently with my head burried in bridal magazines.

The second is that we here at Fashion and Style and Fashionista.co.nz are working on a new design and layout so that the look of this site compliments the fantastically designed things we write about . It is our aim to have this design implemented within the next few months but as of Monday next week normal content and daily updates will resume.

Thanks everyone and keep on reading.

Anya and Co.