Monday, August 08, 2005

Tea and scones?


All that know me well are aware of my tea fixation , and those who have had tea with me are likely to have noticed my fascination with vintage tea sets . There is something to be said of the style and grace of yesteryear - and in my mind there is not a better time to re-visit past sensibilities than when drinking tea and eating cake with friends.

Unfourtunately it appears im not alone in my love of old and cutesy tea sets , as they disappear from antique and vintage stores at an alarming rate . Cue Freedom Furniture whom are currently selling the pictured Vintage dinnerwear set featuring a delightful black pattern on white porcelain .

But im the first to admit that vintage can get a little stuffy which is why i love the Amazon dinner and glassware pictured below . Exclusive to freedom , the maderin and moss colours and modern shapes are refreshing and fun.


Freedom Furniture