Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Keeping it local


Wallking down the streets of Wellington you are bound to spot at least one teen age girl sporting a 'i <3 NY' shirt or a guy wearing a 'Philly' or 'USA' hoodie. Dont get me wrong , I am not one to complain about any of those countries but i just cant help but wonder what happened to local pride?

Enter Localitee's , founded by 28 year old kiwi Kristy Mayes whom after returning home from abroad was , like me slightly confused as to why people were wearing clothing of overseas neighbourhoods when the ones in New Zealand were just as good – an idea was born. Starting out as a simple street stall and is now a growing company producing fantastic quality local tees featuring neighbourhood names those in New Zealand know and love.


These have become must have items amongst New Zealnders living at home and overseas but they are so stylish , fantastically ( and ethicaly ) made and a great fit that they are perfect for anyone and a great way to give props to New Zealand for a change.