Friday, August 05, 2005

Bronze Up


Its the middle of winter in in the southern hemisphere and the height of Northern hemisphere , yet there is a beauty product that both us in the cool depths and those in the hot summer sun can do with. The product which should be the cornerstone of every make-up kit – the bronzer. Powder bronzer has come leaps and bounds in recent years with shimmer formulations , dark tones , multi toned mixed compacts and pinkish hues to use as blush. Powder and powder like bronze rs are the most versatile as they are able to be carried in your handbag without threat of melting or spilling and can be used in summer to keep skin dry and fresh looking . Fashionista makes it easy for you to buy with the top five powder bronzer count down.

1- Benefit Cosmetics Hoola The pictured Hoola bronzing powder from Benefit Cosmetics has to be my favourite basic bronzer for both face and body. The light yet non drying powder is in a perfect tan hue for any skin colour , brush over foundation to set or use to accent cheek bones or eyes. My favourite way however is by itself in winter as it adds a sun kissed glow which looks natural and simply pretty

2- Bobbi Brown
Beige Shimmer Brick
- .The famous Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is always present in the kits of make-up artists because of the sheer versatility of the product. Made up of shimmering bands of colour the shimmer brick allows you to use each band individually with a make-up brush as eye-shadow and blush or simply to mix up the colours to use as a shimmering bronzer for face and body. However the best way to wear this beautiful bronzer is on the chest and shoulders with your strappy tops and dresses at night – the colours will highlight the skin whilst the shimmer will smooth out skin and even out a patchy tan .

3- Cat Cosmetics Catalicious Bronzer - Many Bronzers are too dark for light skin or to use in winter to get a natural sun kissed glow. Not so for Catalicious from Cat Cosmetics. The product is so light and soft it simply melts into the skin , whilst the lighter colour tone is perfect for pale skin and winter use. Noticeably lacking any orange tones Catalicious from Cat Cosmetics is so natural i would recommend it on its own as an alternative to foundation.

4- Physicians Formula Solar Powder Bronzer Want an all in one bronzer for face and body that will give you a natural tan and will save your skin? Look no further. Hypo-allergenic , fragrance-free and dermatologist approved this bronzer also features an SPF 20 sun protection rating to make sure you get your tan without the damage. The lightweight bronzer blends beautifully and comes in a range of shades to ensure that you get the best look for your skin tone.

5- Sugar Cosmetics Tropic Tan Tropic Tan from Sugar cosmetics is the best bargain bronzer , the sultry colour is perfect for all skin types whilst the large compact will mean you wont need to buy another bronzer all summer. The bronzey formulation is perfect for evening out tan lines , perking up a tired tan or for giving a genuinely stunning tanned look for those that are smart enough to keep out of the sun. Applied over foundation the result is a dewy summery look which is the perfect base for summer pretty make-up in pinks and golds.