Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The bold and the beautiful


Sometimes i wake up in the morning and i just feel dull , lifeless and bored. Nothing in my wardrobe excites me , and everything seems so one dimensional and plain. When i get like this i always reach for my jewelery box because i am one of those people that loves bold , bright and beautifull jewels.

Weather it be a necklace , bracelet , anklet or ring - jewelery which features exotic beads , handcrafted accents or simply exudes as special 'something ' not only allows you to display a sense of indivudual style but also perks up even the most sad and tired outfit. Some of the best bold beautiful jewelery i have found are made by the stylish duo Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen of Viv and Ingrid.

The pictured silver I Luv Turquoise Charm Necklace is a 16" silver charm necklace with a stunning large turquoise heart as well as mother of pearl, wood, and turquoise beads - goldstone & silver paillettes . As well as being gorgeous the necklace is also very versatile as its able to be transformed into a 7" bracelet & 9" chain anklet.

Viv and Ingrid