Friday, August 12, 2005

Bag Lady


I started a new job this week which involves much too-ing and fro-ing and commuting with lunch and spare pairs of shoes and work diarys . Its for this reason that I am currently obsessed with handbags and the fact its been a bit difficult to find one that does all i want it to do whilst still looking utterly fantastic. That is why this Fridays top five is the top five practical hand bag finds

1- Forzieri Bri'cs Nappa tote bag - Made of super soft and silky leather the pictured iconic tote is made by legendary leather goods producer Forzieri famous for there fantastic craftsmanship and beautifully classic Italian design. The cleverness of the design means that the bag is physically smaller than most large handbags but because of the square shape and diagonal zip it fits a huge amount inside making it perfect for those of us who have to or like to carry a lot.

2- PUMA bags kick shopper - If you are more jeans and tee than high Italian fashion and would like a bag that can do it all – from work handbag to gym bag to weekend carry all then this fantastic bag from Puma is the one for you. Made of synthetic leather the double strapped shopper style bag comes in a range of colours from green to bright puma yellow. The bag whilst compact is big enough to fit in university books , a diary and any other work or play essentials yet unlike other larger bags it looks more fun than serious and stylish to boot.

3- XL Leather and Suede Bag - If you want the practicality of a large handbag and compartments that come with them but don't want to sacrifice any style in the process then the XL leather and seude bag is for you . Available from urban this bag which is big enough to fit any work or school things you may have is so stylish you will be wanting to carry it with you everyday. Soft brown suede trimmed in leather, with a vintage-style kisslock closure and interior and exterior pocketing this is THE must have work bag this season.

4-Saben Olive carry all - New Zealand handbag designer Saben is well known locally for well made and designed handbags which have become must haves for New Zealand fashionistas. This carry all is no different featuring a semi circle of pattern and colour which highlights the base colour of the bag. With the ability to expand or contract depending on the users needs and a phone compartment, security zip pocket and open pocket for convenience the bag is pretty and clever . And if that wasn't enough the bag also comes in a range of colours which means there really will be something for everyone.

J Lo Handbags
Stardust Medium Tote
I am the first to admit I am a little on the messy side and have been known to just throw everything into my bag regardless of pockets and sometimes this really is the best way to pack your bag and the simplest way to carry things from A to B. If you are like me , then you will probably benefit from the basic tote – but basic totes are pretty boring. That is why I love this tote from JLO hand bags. The basic black tote is livened up with sequin details on the front and bottom and features a classic monogram lining. If you want to live simple but want to do it in style then this is a great option.