Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Trolley Dolly


There are some things all people need and a place to put 'stuff' is one of them. It matters not if your a Parent , college student , geek with computer parts or like me a feverd shoe collector – when it all gets a bit much and your running out of shelves and drawers its always nice to have something to rely on.

Enter the pictured Calypso Toy Trolley from . Made of durable, recycled fiberboard and featuring convenient swivel casters the fantastically practical trolleys are the perfect for anything from magazines to toys , shoes or firewood. Easily wheeled from room to room , the cute colours and funky shape means unlike those hideous plastic boxes we all use these are pretty enough to not have to hide away!

Calypso Toy Trolley @

Laurie Loo


Laurel Wells is the talented designer behind Laurie Loo , the makers of fantastic separates which mix vintage influences with modernly sexy lines and beautiful fabrics.

Constructed from silk dupioni the pictured Ribbon Corset Top is a perfect pair to casual denim and flats for a day on the beach or with a skirt or pants for evening wear. The large blue ribbon sashing and the geometric print fabric however lighten the entire top which gives it a sexy young vixenish edge.

available in Small , Medium and Large

LaurieLoo Ribbon corset top @ mighty flirt

Friday, August 19, 2005

Sticky Plates


Tired of plain table wear but not willing to buy something new , there is an answer for you. The Venus en Mars reusable stickers allow you to transform tired plates in an instant. These electrostatic stickers can be placed onto dish wear , kitchen tiles or glasses to spice them up for dinner parties , events or just because. When finished simply peel them off and they are ready to use again.

Formally available in green/blue leaves and red/pink flowers the stickers have become a hit and are now available in the pictured sophisticated Hellebore pattern which features gold stars perfect for a romantic dinner , Christmas party or wedding event.

Illico design

Holster up


It does not matter if you have a little bit of a cowgirl fantasy going on , or if you just like your accecorys to have a little edge. The pictured Holster belt from Tatty Devine is a little bit of fashion fun which looks good enough to wear every day. Made of cream cracked leather and embelished with swarvoski crystal the belt will add edge to any plain denim and is great for a rock look.

Availiable in pink , red and the creamy brown Tatty Devine also offer a mini cuff version which is a true statement piece.

Holster Belt @ Tatty Devine

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Keeping it local


Wallking down the streets of Wellington you are bound to spot at least one teen age girl sporting a 'i <3 NY' shirt or a guy wearing a 'Philly' or 'USA' hoodie. Dont get me wrong , I am not one to complain about any of those countries but i just cant help but wonder what happened to local pride?

Enter Localitee's , founded by 28 year old kiwi Kristy Mayes whom after returning home from abroad was , like me slightly confused as to why people were wearing clothing of overseas neighbourhoods when the ones in New Zealand were just as good – an idea was born. Starting out as a simple street stall and is now a growing company producing fantastic quality local tees featuring neighbourhood names those in New Zealand know and love.


These have become must have items amongst New Zealnders living at home and overseas but they are so stylish , fantastically ( and ethicaly ) made and a great fit that they are perfect for anyone and a great way to give props to New Zealand for a change.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hoola Girl


Cabana girl corals , poppy pretty pinks and bright brilliant blues are all features of the new Hoola Lei collection by Pout Cosmetics. The super bright range which features eye and lip colours as well as rouge and glitter is like a tropical holiday in your makeup bag.

The great thing about this fantasic range from pout is in the colours themselves , whilst beautifully bright , happy and hot they are also fantastically wearable and will match many skin tones meaning they wont just sit in your hand-bag un worn .

Pout Cosmetics

The night light for adults


I am not ashamed to say that i love those little night lights for children which project zoo animals , shiloettes of people or celestial constellations on to the little ones walls and ceilings . However loving something from afar and buying something is a totally different question.

Its for these reasons that i love the pictured Star Egg Night Light from Uncommon Goods which is a decidedly adult and fashion forward version of my favourite childhood toy. Designer Jim Schatz created by hand the beautiful duck egg blue egg which is a wonderful room acent on its own. . . . . .


However the beautiful lamp when lit casts starlight over the ceiling and walls of your room meaning you can sleep under the stars from the comfort of your own bed.

Star Egg Night Light @ Uncommon Goods

Friday, August 12, 2005

Bag Lady


I started a new job this week which involves much too-ing and fro-ing and commuting with lunch and spare pairs of shoes and work diarys . Its for this reason that I am currently obsessed with handbags and the fact its been a bit difficult to find one that does all i want it to do whilst still looking utterly fantastic. That is why this Fridays top five is the top five practical hand bag finds

1- Forzieri Bri'cs Nappa tote bag - Made of super soft and silky leather the pictured iconic tote is made by legendary leather goods producer Forzieri famous for there fantastic craftsmanship and beautifully classic Italian design. The cleverness of the design means that the bag is physically smaller than most large handbags but because of the square shape and diagonal zip it fits a huge amount inside making it perfect for those of us who have to or like to carry a lot.

2- PUMA bags kick shopper - If you are more jeans and tee than high Italian fashion and would like a bag that can do it all – from work handbag to gym bag to weekend carry all then this fantastic bag from Puma is the one for you. Made of synthetic leather the double strapped shopper style bag comes in a range of colours from green to bright puma yellow. The bag whilst compact is big enough to fit in university books , a diary and any other work or play essentials yet unlike other larger bags it looks more fun than serious and stylish to boot.

3- XL Leather and Suede Bag - If you want the practicality of a large handbag and compartments that come with them but don't want to sacrifice any style in the process then the XL leather and seude bag is for you . Available from urban this bag which is big enough to fit any work or school things you may have is so stylish you will be wanting to carry it with you everyday. Soft brown suede trimmed in leather, with a vintage-style kisslock closure and interior and exterior pocketing this is THE must have work bag this season.

4-Saben Olive carry all - New Zealand handbag designer Saben is well known locally for well made and designed handbags which have become must haves for New Zealand fashionistas. This carry all is no different featuring a semi circle of pattern and colour which highlights the base colour of the bag. With the ability to expand or contract depending on the users needs and a phone compartment, security zip pocket and open pocket for convenience the bag is pretty and clever . And if that wasn't enough the bag also comes in a range of colours which means there really will be something for everyone.

J Lo Handbags
Stardust Medium Tote
I am the first to admit I am a little on the messy side and have been known to just throw everything into my bag regardless of pockets and sometimes this really is the best way to pack your bag and the simplest way to carry things from A to B. If you are like me , then you will probably benefit from the basic tote – but basic totes are pretty boring. That is why I love this tote from JLO hand bags. The basic black tote is livened up with sequin details on the front and bottom and features a classic monogram lining. If you want to live simple but want to do it in style then this is a great option.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Clutch On


Like to keep things simple? Are you more likely to go without a handbag than with? Only ever leave the house with one lipstick and your wallet and keys?

You are not alone , and for those ladies who are more likely to be travelling light ( or simply aspire too ) then a clutch handbag is your best friend. Classic and pretty , a clutch is usually smaller and slimmer than other bags perfect to slip your essentials into when your running out of the house , or to keep your essentials in , in a bigger bag for easy retrival. This olive leaves canvas clutch from Talla is a great example , made of sturdy canvas , a great size and featuring a handy wrist strap this is a wardrobe must have.

Olive Leaves Clutch @ Talla

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cherry Pickin'


Pearls are classic , refined , dainty , feminine and lets be honest - a little boring. However the cherry pearl necklace from designer Jessica Phillips proves that classic neednt be stodgey or dull.

The cherry pearl necklace's duo 15mm freshwater pearls make up the cherries of the necklace and are complimented with shimmering silver snake chain and details . Not your grandmothers pearls , the cherry pearl necklace could be worn regardless of occasion and will always be the star of any outfit.

Jessica Phillips Cherry Pearl necklace @ mightyflirt

Feel good in your skin


Sometimes i stumble across things which just speak to me so when i flicked through Sunday Magazine and chanced upon an add for Evolu New Zealand I knew I had found something good.

Evolu skin care have created a line or products which are simple , common sense and full of a wonderful natural ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E. Extract of Kiwifruit and the finest cold-pressed oils of avocado, sweet almond wheatgerm and calendula all . From the moisturising day cream with Anti-Aging Mandarin and Kiwifruit to the Nourishing hand and cuticle cream with Vitamin E And Neroli each product has a run down including the appropriate skin type and ingredients. Don't know your skin type ? Evolu have that covered too with a Skindivdualise'r which allows you to assess your own skin type to make sure you get the best product possible.

I especially love the pictured 6in1 travel mini kit which is ideal for your traveling or the handbag as the mini pots of product screw into each other. An additional lid is included so each stack can be divided up if you wish. Each pot can be refilled, so you can keep re-using your kit time and time again.


Monday, August 08, 2005

Tea and scones?


All that know me well are aware of my tea fixation , and those who have had tea with me are likely to have noticed my fascination with vintage tea sets . There is something to be said of the style and grace of yesteryear - and in my mind there is not a better time to re-visit past sensibilities than when drinking tea and eating cake with friends.

Unfourtunately it appears im not alone in my love of old and cutesy tea sets , as they disappear from antique and vintage stores at an alarming rate . Cue Freedom Furniture whom are currently selling the pictured Vintage dinnerwear set featuring a delightful black pattern on white porcelain .

But im the first to admit that vintage can get a little stuffy which is why i love the Amazon dinner and glassware pictured below . Exclusive to freedom , the maderin and moss colours and modern shapes are refreshing and fun.


Freedom Furniture

Casual Cashmere


Sometimes when its a bit chilly outside you just cant be botherd with a jacket or coat , and a bulky jumper or jersey is not what your looking for it can be a bit hard to get dressed in the morning . In those moments fabrics such as a angora and cashmere with there light weight and cosy warmness are your best friend.

But whats best about cashmere is the fact in a fine knit it looks and drapes exactly like buttery jersey fabric but at twice the warmth. The pictured Kimono sash top from Autumn Cashmere is a great example of this. Featuring kimono type sleeves and a body skimming fit , the steel grey top is best way to keep the chill off in style.

Autumn Cashmere top @ Active Endeavors

Friday, August 05, 2005

Now in store


The new 'tree girl' collection from Karen Walker , is now in store in her New Zealand outlets Newnarket , O'conell and Wellington. Her highly trend driven and sort after designs will sell fast so make sure you get in now to beat the rush.

Enjoy your weekend!

Karen Walker

Bronze Up


Its the middle of winter in in the southern hemisphere and the height of Northern hemisphere , yet there is a beauty product that both us in the cool depths and those in the hot summer sun can do with. The product which should be the cornerstone of every make-up kit – the bronzer. Powder bronzer has come leaps and bounds in recent years with shimmer formulations , dark tones , multi toned mixed compacts and pinkish hues to use as blush. Powder and powder like bronze rs are the most versatile as they are able to be carried in your handbag without threat of melting or spilling and can be used in summer to keep skin dry and fresh looking . Fashionista makes it easy for you to buy with the top five powder bronzer count down.

1- Benefit Cosmetics Hoola The pictured Hoola bronzing powder from Benefit Cosmetics has to be my favourite basic bronzer for both face and body. The light yet non drying powder is in a perfect tan hue for any skin colour , brush over foundation to set or use to accent cheek bones or eyes. My favourite way however is by itself in winter as it adds a sun kissed glow which looks natural and simply pretty

2- Bobbi Brown
Beige Shimmer Brick
- .The famous Bobbi Brown shimmer brick is always present in the kits of make-up artists because of the sheer versatility of the product. Made up of shimmering bands of colour the shimmer brick allows you to use each band individually with a make-up brush as eye-shadow and blush or simply to mix up the colours to use as a shimmering bronzer for face and body. However the best way to wear this beautiful bronzer is on the chest and shoulders with your strappy tops and dresses at night – the colours will highlight the skin whilst the shimmer will smooth out skin and even out a patchy tan .

3- Cat Cosmetics Catalicious Bronzer - Many Bronzers are too dark for light skin or to use in winter to get a natural sun kissed glow. Not so for Catalicious from Cat Cosmetics. The product is so light and soft it simply melts into the skin , whilst the lighter colour tone is perfect for pale skin and winter use. Noticeably lacking any orange tones Catalicious from Cat Cosmetics is so natural i would recommend it on its own as an alternative to foundation.

4- Physicians Formula Solar Powder Bronzer Want an all in one bronzer for face and body that will give you a natural tan and will save your skin? Look no further. Hypo-allergenic , fragrance-free and dermatologist approved this bronzer also features an SPF 20 sun protection rating to make sure you get your tan without the damage. The lightweight bronzer blends beautifully and comes in a range of shades to ensure that you get the best look for your skin tone.

5- Sugar Cosmetics Tropic Tan Tropic Tan from Sugar cosmetics is the best bargain bronzer , the sultry colour is perfect for all skin types whilst the large compact will mean you wont need to buy another bronzer all summer. The bronzey formulation is perfect for evening out tan lines , perking up a tired tan or for giving a genuinely stunning tanned look for those that are smart enough to keep out of the sun. Applied over foundation the result is a dewy summery look which is the perfect base for summer pretty make-up in pinks and golds.

The return of mod


Hot mod fashion is back with the new fall fashion on the cat walk. A return to bold boxy silhouette paired with flirty mini cuts and luxe accessories means that fun fashion is in store for all. Other fashion trends fit nicely into the sixties revival such as the return of black as a fashion staple , with black and white coats and dresses being seen on the catwalks of Eley Kishimoto and Chanel whilst Jil Sander and Irregular choice London highlight swinging sixties feet with bright sparkly shoes.

My favourite however would be the pictured luxe geometric lurex dress from Emanuel Ungaro which is available on special order.

Emanuel Ungaro

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Manatee Love


Meomi is cutesy critters at there best , the team which offers everything from character design to branding and logo work are behind one of the cutest and well designed sites you will find on the web.

If you like me are a fan of there site and fantastic illustration work then make sure you visit there store where you can purchase the pictured manatee love card as well as hats , badges and there new line of glittery tees and underwear.




Full of bright popping colour , asian accents and a hint of young cuteness the spring summer collection from Wonderlust is breath of fresh air and an essential for hot weather.

Inspired by Parisian glamor and Tokyo style, Helsinki's fresh, minimal mindset and Vancouver's laid-back attitude designer Hannah Tikkanen has pulled together an extremely wearable collection including dresses , tops and accessories. My favourite is the pictured aloha dress which has the perfect mix of whimsy , style and absolute practicality.

Wonderlust @

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Small but mighty


It was not until last year , when i broke my laptop and had to use my partners P.C for a couple of weeks that i realised how much I wanted my apple mouse to do more. With my partner being a P.C nut and a gamer his mouse featured things such as vertical scroll - whilst my apple mouse as beautiful as it is was a little on the basic side.

That is why im incredibly happy to announce the release of the Apple Mighty Mouse , a programmable five button mouse which is able to do both Vertical and Horizontal scroll along with clicking. Featuring a scroll ball and touch sensitive top shell the Mighty Mouse is simple , elegant and awfully clever.

Available from Apple

My Mighty Mouse @

Who's that girl?


I talk A lot about the weather , but its mainly because of the fact that fashion is dictated by the seasons and whilst we are still in the thrusts of winter the new spring collections of our favourite New Zealand designers are temptingly within seasonal reach.

'Who's That Girl?" is the latest offering from Sabine , a mix of beautiful vibrant teals ,pinks as well as textures and patterns . The garments stylish yet play-full nature are complimented by cuts reminiscent of seventies shapes with a modern edge.

Each piece is a beautiful option for separates dressing , at home , the beach or in the office.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The bold and the beautiful


Sometimes i wake up in the morning and i just feel dull , lifeless and bored. Nothing in my wardrobe excites me , and everything seems so one dimensional and plain. When i get like this i always reach for my jewelery box because i am one of those people that loves bold , bright and beautifull jewels.

Weather it be a necklace , bracelet , anklet or ring - jewelery which features exotic beads , handcrafted accents or simply exudes as special 'something ' not only allows you to display a sense of indivudual style but also perks up even the most sad and tired outfit. Some of the best bold beautiful jewelery i have found are made by the stylish duo Vivian Wang and Ingrid Chen of Viv and Ingrid.

The pictured silver I Luv Turquoise Charm Necklace is a 16" silver charm necklace with a stunning large turquoise heart as well as mother of pearl, wood, and turquoise beads - goldstone & silver paillettes . As well as being gorgeous the necklace is also very versatile as its able to be transformed into a 7" bracelet & 9" chain anklet.

Viv and Ingrid

Monday, August 01, 2005

3 wise men


Some of the best ideas are created out of necessity , and 3 wise men is no different.

The story begins in May of 2004 , when three friends enjoying too much red wine started chatting about business shirts - the discussion turned to debate and within a matter of time all three concluded that the selection and cost of business shirts in New Zealand meant the three didint buy them .

So the three wise men set to do something about it and in July 2005 the brand 3 Wise men starts delivering high quality, affordable and fashionable business shirts to NZ and the world.

The shirts are all made of 1 or 2 ply 100% cotton and with great cuts and colours there is something for everyone so you too can be a wise man.

3 wise men

Colour up


Trae Bodge , Scott Catto and Chad Hayduk are the folks behind the amazing cosmetics company 3C.

3C have created a fantastic range of some of the best coloured cosmetics you will find. Acknowledging the world is full of different woman of all different ethnicitys , 3C created a collection of beautiful wearable shades that transcend all ethnic barriers from the fairest skin to the darkest of dark.

With over 140 colours to choose from the range is immense and with a policy to not discontinue any of there colours you will never be left in the cosmetics lurch again . However if you thought the huge range of tone was not enough , the also do custom blended makeup on everything from lip colour to face powder.