Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whats the time Mr Wolf?


There are some things in life which just make things easier , these change from person to person . For example I have a fondness for cars , heaters in the middle of winter and my iPod when on a long distance car journey but others are plainly universal like the common watch.

And if you are going to have to wear something you may as well make it stylish! The pictured TS100 LED watch from Cyberpunk is just that - a great mix of aesthetics , function and gadgety goodness. The watch features a face of 90 LED lights which animate to show the time in a way akin to digital watches . Just released in Japan the watch is stainless steel in construction , Water Resistant and incredibly rare - not being sold in stores outside japan.

You can purchase the Cyber Punk TS100 from for $145.00 (USD)