Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sweet summer in a bottle


Yesterday i swear i saw the sun for a second - that was before the torrential rain and bitter freezing winds of course . So in these cold times you do what you can , for me thats clinging to memories of summer , and anything that can help me relive that time is a must have.

Enter the new scent Carnival Crush by Stacked Style , like any beauty product fashionista loves half of the charm is in the packaging - this time its retro inspired perfume spritz bottles featuring sexy and fun illustrations that scream to be left out on your bathroom counter .

And the scent itself? Well with notes of Summer Lady Peaches, Sugared Damson Plums, Granny Smith Apples, Red Jasmine, Green Grass and Bulgarian Rose this is a holiday in a bottle and at $37.50 ( usd) its cheaper then any Fiji weekend and without the worry of sunburn.

Stacked Style Perfume @ Sephora .com