Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Middle season buy


This time of the year is really the best for shopping , winter items go on sale as spring lines come in to your favourite stores. But at the same time cool weather will be along for a while yet which means those mid season buys are actually worth it.
The only problem is , if you are looking for something new and wintery it can be hard to find new stock in any stores - right? Wrong!

Scarpa have just received a new shipment of footwear available through there website and in store. Amongst the sandals , wedges and summery flats are the pictured "ginger" shoes from Diesel footwear. Available in lilac/chartreuse or the more neutral pewter/choc combo , the enclosed round toe and cute heel makes them a perfect winter buy , but the quirky touches mean they will look just as great with denim in the hot summer sun.