Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lush Lip Lock


A surfing , Snowboarding runner girl like me has to have certain tricks up her sleeve - braving the elements in New Zealand weather is not for the faint hearted. An example of one of these tricks would be the Lip Balms from Lush cosmetics.
I have been using Lush's Lipservice balm for years whilst friends of mine have relied heavily on there Lip Lite balm ( which has no coco butter in it , a great choice for those with super sensitive skin) . It is therefore easy to understand why i have pounced on the three new Lip Balm varietys from my favourite skin saver brand.

The pictured Chocolate whipstick balm is a scrumptious chocolate lip balm containing honey, shea butter and orange oil. Lip Lime is a lovely buttery balm which melts on contact with your lips giving them a sexy sheen and a citrussy flavour whilst T Tree Simplex is nourishing and protective - a great choice for those with damaged or cracked lips.