Friday, July 15, 2005

In the hood


There are just some fashion items that always have been and always will be - my pick of the bunch has to be the hoodie. No self respecting fashionista is without one , perfect for the gym , a nip to the shops , walking the dog or dressed up under a blazer.

New Zealand designers understand this with Karen Walker , NomD and Ruby to name a few consistently including hooded sweatshirts in there collections. For many this is an affordable and practical way to get a little designer flare not to mention a super way to keep warm.

I just finished writing a piece on hoodies for Nzgirl only to realise i could not include one of my favourite finds this season - the hooded scrarf made by chalky Digits.

The pictured hooded scarf from Chalky Digits Winter 05 Love Thy Land collection is not only a super cute addition to any wardrobe ( think worn with a tree of life floral dress , blazer and stacked leather boots ) but is a fantastically practical item for New Zealand weather where a simple chill can turn to an all out storm in a matter of minutes . Or in my case to hide a terrible hair day from the world whilst still being able to wear my favourite hood-less jacket.

Chalky Digits