Monday, July 25, 2005

Good design


Good fashion and good design are just that...good. Irrespective of where it was made , who it was made by , and how much money it is being sold for.

I know what your thinking - I know this! Why is she bringing this up? Because sometimes I come across people that make me feel like I need to remind them that just because something is not made by the 'Louis Vuittons' or 'Blackhouse Design' 's of the world does not necessarily mean it's not good design.

My wardrobe is made up of vintage Dior , Karen Walker , Tsubi and Chanel , as well as items from chainstores and department stores . My furniture ranges from thriftstore finds to antiques and one off design pieces but I consider everything I own to be of good quality and good design.

So I urge everyone out there to quit the pretention and try and look at objects , homewares , sofas , artwork , clothing and footwear for what it is instead of relying on a price tag , a persona or a brand name to make you feel it's good design.

Fantastic Eyelet strap shoes are from We Who See for $48.00 (USA)

My We Who See shoes