Friday, July 29, 2005

Flat Girl


Cheap , stylish and practical flats are the shoe du jour. Sure stilletos lengthen the leg , you cant run without the sports shoe and at a push yes i agree that a medium heel is a pin tuck trousers best friend .. but flats? They are a whole different story. So from one flat shoe addict to an audience of potential flat shoe addicts here is my list of the top five flats .

1- Irregular Choice 2739-13 Times Square @ - Not for the faint hearted , irregular choice are the folks behind some of the most quirky shoes available. With a legion of fans in Europe , Asia and America , Irregular Choice London have earned a reputation for bold , bright statement pieces which will earn the wearer comments , stares and a whopping portion of individual style. The pictured 2739-13 times square shoe has to be my new favourite shoe full stop. The line , the shape of the vamp and the quirky toe box all make it a winning style even without taking into account the fantastic face and polka dot pattern. Would look fantastic with tailored Denim capris and a light weight green trench for a casual yet funky look.

2- Canvas Slipons @ - .The basic canvas flat should feature in every women's wardrobe – one of the most versatile items around , few other shoes can be worn to work , the beach , walking the dog ,shopping , a long stroll , dinner and a movie all in comfort and style. Opt for block colours for a classic look or branch out into patterns like these canvas flats from to spice up wardrobe staples @ $16.50 (USD) there is no excuse not to.

3- Klein shoe from - Dressy flats? Is there such a thing ? Why of course there is , as you would probably know if you worked in an office or corporate enviroment . Many woman are opting out from wearing heels which are often so uncomfortable that the walk from the bus to there office door is unbearable. With a blunt rounded point , slight heel and buckle detail the Klein shoe from overland footwear emboides all the beauty and grace of a heel yet enables you to run to catch that bus you almost missed to work.

4- BC Footwear Suede Ballet @ A pair of flats enable you to invest in a trend somewhat cheaply – weather this be a statement colour , a certain shape or a season influence such as the ladylike or boho trends. The BC Footwear suede Ballet flat from Urban outfitters allows you to get a taste of the boho trend , yet is versatile enough to be worn for seasons to come.

5- 30459153 velcro pointy flats @ A pair of super comfy flat shoes are essential to leave in your gym locker , under your desk at work , in the car or at your boyfriends house just in case your chosen footwear has not turned out to be the best decision. But comfortable need not be boring or un - stylish . Look for a flexible rubber sole when buying a flat to ensure comfort and grip but other than that the sky is the limit style wise. I really love the velcro pointy flats from office holdings . Available in green and white stripe , white/ red polka dots , brown/white polka dots , and plain crisp white they are funky ,sexy , girlie and ever so comfy.