Friday, July 29, 2005

Flat Girl


Cheap , stylish and practical flats are the shoe du jour. Sure stilletos lengthen the leg , you cant run without the sports shoe and at a push yes i agree that a medium heel is a pin tuck trousers best friend .. but flats? They are a whole different story. So from one flat shoe addict to an audience of potential flat shoe addicts here is my list of the top five flats .

1- Irregular Choice 2739-13 Times Square @ - Not for the faint hearted , irregular choice are the folks behind some of the most quirky shoes available. With a legion of fans in Europe , Asia and America , Irregular Choice London have earned a reputation for bold , bright statement pieces which will earn the wearer comments , stares and a whopping portion of individual style. The pictured 2739-13 times square shoe has to be my new favourite shoe full stop. The line , the shape of the vamp and the quirky toe box all make it a winning style even without taking into account the fantastic face and polka dot pattern. Would look fantastic with tailored Denim capris and a light weight green trench for a casual yet funky look.

2- Canvas Slipons @ - .The basic canvas flat should feature in every women's wardrobe – one of the most versatile items around , few other shoes can be worn to work , the beach , walking the dog ,shopping , a long stroll , dinner and a movie all in comfort and style. Opt for block colours for a classic look or branch out into patterns like these canvas flats from to spice up wardrobe staples @ $16.50 (USD) there is no excuse not to.

3- Klein shoe from - Dressy flats? Is there such a thing ? Why of course there is , as you would probably know if you worked in an office or corporate enviroment . Many woman are opting out from wearing heels which are often so uncomfortable that the walk from the bus to there office door is unbearable. With a blunt rounded point , slight heel and buckle detail the Klein shoe from overland footwear emboides all the beauty and grace of a heel yet enables you to run to catch that bus you almost missed to work.

4- BC Footwear Suede Ballet @ A pair of flats enable you to invest in a trend somewhat cheaply – weather this be a statement colour , a certain shape or a season influence such as the ladylike or boho trends. The BC Footwear suede Ballet flat from Urban outfitters allows you to get a taste of the boho trend , yet is versatile enough to be worn for seasons to come.

5- 30459153 velcro pointy flats @ A pair of super comfy flat shoes are essential to leave in your gym locker , under your desk at work , in the car or at your boyfriends house just in case your chosen footwear has not turned out to be the best decision. But comfortable need not be boring or un - stylish . Look for a flexible rubber sole when buying a flat to ensure comfort and grip but other than that the sky is the limit style wise. I really love the velcro pointy flats from office holdings . Available in green and white stripe , white/ red polka dots , brown/white polka dots , and plain crisp white they are funky ,sexy , girlie and ever so comfy.

Eye Pod


Created after the sucess of Cargo Cosmetics 'Daily Gloss' there new product 'Eye Pod' is again all about ease of use and beauty on the go. Each 'Eye Pod' pack contains 14 single use application wands of Cargo's eyeshadow gels known for there long lasting pigment and beautiful colours. A great idea to keep in the purse , glove box , gym locker or take on a plane with you in case or emergency - and due to the low cost its not like leaving an entire compact of eyeshadow behind.

Each 'Eye Pod' contains seven shades , with 2 of each shade making up the total 14 wands.

A sephora exclusive

Cargo Eye Pod @

Skirting around


A skirt is not just a skirt , with versatility your skirt is the base of your summer girl outfit paired with sandals and a tank top. In autumn and spring it keeps you warm with closed in heels and a lightweight jacket , and when the cool winds of winter arrive tights , boots and your favourite skirt will keep you warm . ( and you will never suffer from the bottom of your pants annoyingly getting wet)

And if at the end of the day your not convinced by statements of versatility and practicality the stylish beauty of a skirt should win you over . Like the pictured Satin and Cotton Panelled Hipster Midi Skirt by independent UK
Designer Rebecca Jay . A circle skirt revisited , the Hipster Midi Skirt is a young fresh statement piece which would be at home worn with white round toed flats and a simple white tank .

Rebecca Jay Hipster Midi Skirt @ CX London

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Design re used


You only have to look skyward in a city to realise the visual impact and beauty of some billboards. Used by the advertising world for years to create impact and divert attention - you too can now get in on the action with one of the funky bags from WAS New Zealand.

WAS New Zealand harnessed the potential of billboards to make a fashion statement and since December 2004 have been selling their range of one off bags made of reused billboard vinyl. Its a great idea both stylisticly and construction wise as billboard vinyl is made to withstand the toughest of weather conditions, making it super strong for everyday bag wear and tear. The designs the billboards look fantastic in bag form - and of course no two bags ever look the same!

You can purchase WAS New Zealand bags from selected retailers or from there beautiful website.

WAS New Zealand

A taste of the pacific


The pacific is full of beautiful vibrant designs from tapa cloth and traditional tatoo to tukutuku panels or simply images of scenery , flora and fauna . The folks at Ataahua Linen obviously love this imagery using it as the design focus for there range of popular and refined soft furnishing and accecories.

Based in my town Wellington , Ataahua Linen's tagline is ' Make your home heaven ' and there lush and functional designs do just that. A mixture of both traditional imagery , funky colours and quirky accents , Ataahua's products would be at home in a sleek modern apartment , family home or Bach in New Zealand or abroad.

Check out my favourite 'Apple , Apu Aporo' range in the childrens section

Ataahua Linen

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whats the time Mr Wolf?


There are some things in life which just make things easier , these change from person to person . For example I have a fondness for cars , heaters in the middle of winter and my iPod when on a long distance car journey but others are plainly universal like the common watch.

And if you are going to have to wear something you may as well make it stylish! The pictured TS100 LED watch from Cyberpunk is just that - a great mix of aesthetics , function and gadgety goodness. The watch features a face of 90 LED lights which animate to show the time in a way akin to digital watches . Just released in Japan the watch is stainless steel in construction , Water Resistant and incredibly rare - not being sold in stores outside japan.

You can purchase the Cyber Punk TS100 from for $145.00 (USD)

Hide it away


I know first hand the trials and tribulations of finding skin prep and concealor which actually works and have heard from friends and family that for those with pale red skin it can be even more difficult. If this sounds like you then Benefits new 'Bluff' concealor range should be your first port of call.

The range from the makers of wonder eye prep Lemon-aid consists of three items , 'you're bluffing' which is a creamy yellow concealor wand great for redness , 'bluff dust' a loose, yellow dusting powder neutralizes unwanted signs of pink or redness & warms the complexion and last but not least a fantastic big round brush with natural bristles entitled the 'bluff puff' .

Bluff available @ Benefit cosmetics .com

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Keeping it classic


There are some things in fashion which just work. You only have to examine the collections of your favourite designers to see repetition in tailoring , drapery , finishing or fabric types. Or look at garments which are considered wardrobe staples - such as pencil skirts , empire waist dresses and pin tuck pants.

These ideas and themes are repeated because they are successful - they look , wear and function fantastically allowing the end wearer to look and feel fantastic. Its an everybody wins situation. The pictured printed cap sleeve jacket from Arden B is a great example of this. The feminine jackets tailoring is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn whilst the slight puffed cap sleeve , waist tie and back tailoring will flatter any body shape.

Cap Sleeve Jacket @ Arden

Middle season buy


This time of the year is really the best for shopping , winter items go on sale as spring lines come in to your favourite stores. But at the same time cool weather will be along for a while yet which means those mid season buys are actually worth it.
The only problem is , if you are looking for something new and wintery it can be hard to find new stock in any stores - right? Wrong!

Scarpa have just received a new shipment of footwear available through there website and in store. Amongst the sandals , wedges and summery flats are the pictured "ginger" shoes from Diesel footwear. Available in lilac/chartreuse or the more neutral pewter/choc combo , the enclosed round toe and cute heel makes them a perfect winter buy , but the quirky touches mean they will look just as great with denim in the hot summer sun.


Lush Lip Lock


A surfing , Snowboarding runner girl like me has to have certain tricks up her sleeve - braving the elements in New Zealand weather is not for the faint hearted. An example of one of these tricks would be the Lip Balms from Lush cosmetics.
I have been using Lush's Lipservice balm for years whilst friends of mine have relied heavily on there Lip Lite balm ( which has no coco butter in it , a great choice for those with super sensitive skin) . It is therefore easy to understand why i have pounced on the three new Lip Balm varietys from my favourite skin saver brand.

The pictured Chocolate whipstick balm is a scrumptious chocolate lip balm containing honey, shea butter and orange oil. Lip Lime is a lovely buttery balm which melts on contact with your lips giving them a sexy sheen and a citrussy flavour whilst T Tree Simplex is nourishing and protective - a great choice for those with damaged or cracked lips.


Monday, July 25, 2005

Good design


Good fashion and good design are just that...good. Irrespective of where it was made , who it was made by , and how much money it is being sold for.

I know what your thinking - I know this! Why is she bringing this up? Because sometimes I come across people that make me feel like I need to remind them that just because something is not made by the 'Louis Vuittons' or 'Blackhouse Design' 's of the world does not necessarily mean it's not good design.

My wardrobe is made up of vintage Dior , Karen Walker , Tsubi and Chanel , as well as items from chainstores and department stores . My furniture ranges from thriftstore finds to antiques and one off design pieces but I consider everything I own to be of good quality and good design.

So I urge everyone out there to quit the pretention and try and look at objects , homewares , sofas , artwork , clothing and footwear for what it is instead of relying on a price tag , a persona or a brand name to make you feel it's good design.

Fantastic Eyelet strap shoes are from We Who See for $48.00 (USA)

My We Who See shoes

Friday, July 22, 2005

Girlie Girl count down


In the last few years we have seen a rise in all that is prim , proper and feminine . Baby pink is no longer a dirty colour whist the 1940s and 1950s have become a time to revere not shun . So in this new age of girlishness I have embraced my inner gracious girl and have come up with my top 5 girlie buys.

1- Benefit Cosmetics Glamourette - If you haven't come across this (pictured) ultimate in make-up compacts you are truly missing out. Inspired by the luxury cosmetics of the 1940s the glamourette contains , rouge & puff on one side , translucent powder & puff on the other side and a complementing lipstick in the handle . Now a little hard to find they are still available from the benefit website in the bye buys section although fashionista would advise you to get in quick – once they are gone they will most probably not come back .

2- Alloy restricted apple flats - Audrey Hepburn is the embodiment of glorious feminine style. The petite brunette would often be spotted in tailored capris , a crisp white shirt and of course the ever famous flats. Once forgotten , flats have now become a wardrobe essential – not simply because of there practicality but also there fantastic style which is often spiced up with the use of ribbons , unconventional prints or bright tones. The flat is the less serious but super stylish shoe. That's why i love the apple print flats from Alloy , at a measly $29(USA) they would make a welcome addition to any girlie fashionistas shoe collection.

3- Wrap Front Blazer from Bebe - There is nothing more girlie than the showing off a lady's curves , which contrary to many peoples beliefs can be done whilst keeping everything covered. A wrap front blazer is a great option to show off the figure , create a waist or slim down a silhouette. Choose one with a little stretch in order to get the most flattering fit and pair back with everything from Denim , to suit pants or even over your favourite dress.

4- The Gelato Range from Glamourpuss Australia Every girl needs a hand bag , a place to store all her essential items and if you are me – a place to hide away snack treats when shopping. However there are bags .. and then there are bags . The bag range made by Glamourpuss are the best i have come across , the perfect mix of form and function the bags hark back to a bygone era for inspiration . With a wide range of finishes to choose from , the pop tart a licious gelato range are my favourite – ranging from flamingo pink to lemon these bags and make-up cases would look fantastic next to anything you are wearing.

5- Note Cards and Gift Cards from iomoi There is something very old fashioned about writing note cards or thank you cards but as cheesy as it sounds i actually enjoy doing it. And i have to say that if i have given a gift its a really nice thing to receive a cute little card in the mail to say thanks. You can probably guess why i absolutely adore the note and gift card range from iomoi – available in the most delightful range of designs ( check out the multi packs if you just cant choose ) I would love to give or receive any one of these cute and classic cards.

All in the details


I like the idea that even the most basic fashion item can transcend fashion boundries with the simple addition of little details. What am i tallking about? This pictured fantastic dress from Tree of Life of course.

The basic black jersey dress which is worn as a staple by most women is completely transformed with the addition of tree of lifes signature ethnic influences such as satin embroided panels on the lapels , under bust and back . This results in a very individual yet classicaly beautiful dress. Simply grab your tote
, bronzer
and slip on your beaded mules and your in for a day of shopping in style and comfort.

Jersey Dress L6604 @



Weather it be a rockabily cherry print dress , a pair of strawberry earings , a chiffon dress in tangeriine or this cutesy paul frank andy warhol banana clutch - fruit offers the fashion world a myriad of trends and design cues which have a certain measure of whimsy.

The result is stand alone , strong design pieces that transform otherwise dull outfits or inject a little fun into what can be a very precious industry.

Why does fashion have to be so serious , when humor can look this seriously good?

banana clutch @

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The minx in me


I have lost count of the times where i have bought a pair of beautiful shoes only to find them the most uncomfortable things on earth - or even worse to buy what appears to be comfortable shoes only to find they are anything but!

But if you are buying Minx footwear you wont have that problem. Minx footwear is made in New Zealand by the sisterly duo Cushla and Angela Buswell . The range which only became available in 2001 has already gained fans both at home and overseas.

Minx footwear has earned a reputation for innovation with the use of Moki fish skin , Paua Shell and wool in there footwear. This paired with there fun and functional designs and large range of sizes have made them industry favorites.

pictured are minx shoes in Diamond

Minx Footwear

Oil me up


Olivier Baussan is the man behind one of my favorite cosmetics ranges L'Occitane . Olivier became enchanted with the beautiful plants of provence nearly 25 years ago and set about blending the scents and healing properties of the native flora he found. The result is a range which encapsulates and harnesses the power of nature for men , women and children .

The pictured new Amande Shower Oil is no different , oil has been used for centuries to cleanse and heal the skin. This new product from L'Occitane hydrates the skin whilst cleansing and lathers to a rich foam which is soothing and gentle.

L'Occitane products @

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Whats Underneath


Im sick!

When im sick i tend to pamper myself , manicures and pedicures , spa treatments a new hair colour - anything to make me feel a bit better than i actually am. The best way however is to treat yourself to some new fancy pants - i mean if you are going to be lying in bed all day its best to do it in style .

Hey Sister make some of the girliest , youngest and funkiest lingerie around - always impeccably stylish the line features great prints and accents without compromising comfort or practicality. This makes it a great buy for fashionistas who love style , but also comfort.

The hey sister range consists of hipster bikini , shorts , boyleg , and g strings as well as camisoles , soft cup bras and my personal favorite the contour bra.

pictured is contour bra and hipster short in Chocbiscus

Hey Sister

Monday, July 18, 2005

Tip Top Toes


Everyone knows my love is footwear - in particular heels , strappy , beautiful girlie heels which cry out for a slinky evening dress - unfortunately the most beautiful shoes are often the most uncomfortable . Sore toes , arches and general achenes is common place for many woman who choose form over function. This is why i LOVE Cool Feet Airbrush Catwalk Heels from Model Co.

Using a fine mist of ache relieving and cooling ingredients , model co cool feet temporarily yet instantly revives and refreshes sore tired feet with ache-relieving ingredients which makes it a best friend for those of us who run or walk a lot , spend time in impractical shoes or work on our feet most of the day.

Made by ever innovative sydney based Model Co which have created a line of fantastic products which solve many womens beauty dilemmas.

Model co products availible via

Friday, July 15, 2005

In the hood


There are just some fashion items that always have been and always will be - my pick of the bunch has to be the hoodie. No self respecting fashionista is without one , perfect for the gym , a nip to the shops , walking the dog or dressed up under a blazer.

New Zealand designers understand this with Karen Walker , NomD and Ruby to name a few consistently including hooded sweatshirts in there collections. For many this is an affordable and practical way to get a little designer flare not to mention a super way to keep warm.

I just finished writing a piece on hoodies for Nzgirl only to realise i could not include one of my favourite finds this season - the hooded scrarf made by chalky Digits.

The pictured hooded scarf from Chalky Digits Winter 05 Love Thy Land collection is not only a super cute addition to any wardrobe ( think worn with a tree of life floral dress , blazer and stacked leather boots ) but is a fantastically practical item for New Zealand weather where a simple chill can turn to an all out storm in a matter of minutes . Or in my case to hide a terrible hair day from the world whilst still being able to wear my favourite hood-less jacket.

Chalky Digits

Thats the pants

Fin - clothing

Ask most women what the most difficult item of clothing to buy is and many will reply pants . With a multitude of different sized hips , waists . legs and tummys its hard to find a pair of pants which first fits and second looks any good. This is where FIn clothing ltd come in.

Formally only available to us Wellington folk , Fin make a range of the best fitting , best looking pants . Made by designers and co-owners Murray and Sue Moar Fins clothing is fantastically made , and beautifully styled but one of the great things is that they offer a size range from XXS to XXL.

And now the rest of New Zealand can get in on the act by ordering off Fins simple and easy to use website. Halo , Frantic and Lollie styles are must haves


Thursday, July 14, 2005

One design , one winner , one great comp


Jaxter are running a t-shirt design competition open to residents of Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

With no strict design theme , Jaxter is asking anyone from the included countries to get out there pens , pencils and computers to design a Tee that somehow incorporates a representation of the number one. This could be the word, the number or an idea/image. This is based on the fact that this is Jaxters first ever competition of this kind so the winning T-shirt design will be symbolic of that.

Up for grabs is US$2,000 for the winning designer and 20 percent of the proceeds from entry fees ( $10) will benefit the Australian Red Cross .

Entries are open from 1 July 2005 and close on 31 August 2005 so get going

Jaxter T-shirt design Comp

Sweet summer in a bottle


Yesterday i swear i saw the sun for a second - that was before the torrential rain and bitter freezing winds of course . So in these cold times you do what you can , for me thats clinging to memories of summer , and anything that can help me relive that time is a must have.

Enter the new scent Carnival Crush by Stacked Style , like any beauty product fashionista loves half of the charm is in the packaging - this time its retro inspired perfume spritz bottles featuring sexy and fun illustrations that scream to be left out on your bathroom counter .

And the scent itself? Well with notes of Summer Lady Peaches, Sugared Damson Plums, Granny Smith Apples, Red Jasmine, Green Grass and Bulgarian Rose this is a holiday in a bottle and at $37.50 ( usd) its cheaper then any Fiji weekend and without the worry of sunburn.

Stacked Style Perfume @ Sephora .com

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Black is Back


We have been glorious in green , perfect in pink , beauties in brown and mellow in yellow and now we can be subtle , sophisticated and classic in black again.

After season on season of bright colour , sparkle and spangle its a little relieving to hear that black is back . But a return to the classics does not mean it is not without its changes. The new black reflects the many trends affecting fashion right now , from celebrity looks to vivacious vintage - the result is black which is full of texture , undertones and life.

Look for black items in silk , chiffon and velvet or using interesting details or drapery like in this tree jersey dress from the Hailwood 2005 winter collection.


Getting the motor going

benefit lip colour
A fan of Benefit Cosmetics since there cheekies range , Im more than a little excited by the new Fall 2005 range ‘ roadside attractions’.
The line consists of four typically funky and girlie palettes two for the eyes and two for the lips . The eye colours range from cappuccino tones in one palette to soft sandy hues in the other. For the lips Benefit has creamy lip colours on offer like sheer berries or the more nut toned palette pictured above.

And with names like ex's make great speedbumps and my meter's running you have to give them a try .

Roadside Attractions @ Benefit Cosmetics

Monday, July 11, 2005

It takes me to Tango


The first vintage piece i ever bought was a black duffel coat from the 1940s when I was 13 - with beautiful large black buttons and stitched detail around the cuffs and waist it was worth the weeks upon weeks of saving for it.

Ever since then I have loved vintage fashion , in particular coats which it seems are becoming harder and harder to buy in good condition here in New Zealand.

It is probably fair that I thank the folks at Tango then for there fantastic winter 05 collection A walk in the park . Celebrating England in the 1950s , Tangos Winter collection is a beautiful mix of vintage elements with modern touches which add daring and edge to fifties frameworks.

Pictured is Coat from Tango Winter 05 collection


Tangerine Dream


Seen on the catwalk of Moschino and in the latest collections of Bloom , she australia and stila - tangerine hues are the It colour for makeup this season. A compliment to the subdued tones of winter , bright coral and tangerine tones add spice , life and a little whimsey to otherwise stark wardrobes. The trend is only set to continue for the warmer months when tangerine will be your perfect best friend when paired back with golden toned skin.

Pictured is Pout Rouge from sephora .com


Friday, July 08, 2005

Inside , outside , upside down


Its fashion with multiple personalities - all of them stylish. The pictured Cloe Reversible Dress is by Butter by Nadia and is only one of the many ingenious convertible and reversible garments offered through there girlshop outlet.

Made of soft jersey this is the ultimate in fashion staples , wear the dress crew neck style under a suit jacket for work , wear the dress on its own for afterwork drinks , transform it to a halter neck for dinner and then reverse it when you haven't had time to go home and have to rush to work in the morning *wink*.

Availible in Blue/light blue , coral/ black , Brown/ chocolate stripe

Cloe reversible dress by Butter by Nadia @ Girlshop

Face Lingerie


There is makeup , and then there is makeup - the cosmetics made by Dianne
Brill would be the latter. Dianne the best selling author, model, muse, TV commentator, actress and socialite created a whimisical , beautiful and creative line of beauty products for starlicious girls reminicent of the luxery cosmetics of the thirties and forties.

The packaging is divine and would look fantastic on any girls dresser , whilst the products themselves especially the lip lingerie collection have earned rave reviews from makeup artists and fashion magazines world wide.

Pictured is the bon bon inspired panties in a bunch mini lip gloss set

Dianne Brill Cosmetics

Thursday, July 07, 2005



I remember a lot of things about fashion growing up , my mother for example used to make a lot of our clothes and worked as a machinist for a variety of different people . I remember my grandmother visiting Malaysia and brining back beautiful silk and I remember the ethnic influences of my mothers clothing.

Ever since I could remember I have been surrounded with the fashion of many different countries - its the nature of being a New Zealander where the melting pot of our society means that on any given day I will be face to face with beautiful people from the middle east , India , Asia and europe.

For this reason I simply adore the Autumn Winter 2005 collection from Susan Scarf , the lush fabrics , the fantastic colours and the ethnic influences makes a beautiful and very wearable collection of fantastic fashion.

Susan Scarf

Oh starry starry night


Ive just finished writing a piece on celeb fashion looks for Nzgirl . I really like writing things like this because for a lot of people this is how they become interested in fashion , by seeing and replicating the looks of our favourite stars. Even if there style is sometimes a little misguided .

And of course if we are talking celebrity style ASOS will come up at some point . I stumbled across the pictured Lurex Criss Cross Dress by ASOS in a stunning orange which would look fantastic with gold accessories and tanned skin . Apparently its in the style of Angelina Jolie - I would not know anything about that but its a pretty dress and for $30 (UK) its a steal.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Femme Fatale


Started by the creative sisterly duo Kerrie and Megan Hess , Femme Fatale create the most heavenly bath goodies that have earned favour amongst the rich and famous.

Femme Fatale are well knowen for two things , the first beautiful packaging which features fantastic illustration and cutsey vintage influences. The second is the delictable scent combinations used in there delicious products such as tangerine , green tea , vanilla , frangipani and the feathery floral scent Boudoir kisses.

pictured is Femme Fatale Satin Soak in Sultry Tangerine Tango

Femme Fatale

Peel and stick


Through watching terrible re runs of home renovation shows ( don’t ask ) I have come to a sudden realisation . People everywhere don’t understand the concept of dressing your walls. My mother is an artist and gallery owner so my entire life the walls of our house have been dripping with artwork so the concept of totally blank walls is frightening. Which is why i love blik.

What is blik you ask? blik are funky surface graphics in the form of self-adhesive wall decals (think stickers for grown-ups) . blik surface graphics allow you to easily transform the look of a living or office space in minutes. Affix blik to any smooth, flat surface such as a wall, window, mirror, ceiling, tabletop or floor. Choose your space, plan the design you'd like to make, and literally, just peel and stick. And when you're tired of your design, say after years, a month, maybe a day - the decals are removable.

Apart from being utterly fun , these would be a great idea for a kids room too - simply paint the walls a plain colour and liven up with blik decals - that way when they outgrow the super cute giraffe or apple decals you can simply peel them off.

pictured are the Fly blik wall graphics


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Girls , Gowns and Glam

Kingdom of Soul dress

It's slowly coming up to mid year which means one thing in New Zealand’s social calender - the beginning of the first ball season for the year.

In the next few months high schools across the country will host school balls for students , unis will hold mid year balls and formal dinners and companies will be gearing up for mid winter christmas celebrations . So what does this mean? - super glam gowns of course!

My favourite pick for gowns would have to be Australian label Willow. The label has blossomed from vivacious lingerie to beautiful and luxe evening and day wear all designed by the lovely Kit Willow .

pictured is the Kingdom of Soul dress


Monday, July 04, 2005

No sweat sweats


Every morning I am up at 6am and out the door for a run or indoors lifting weights - in the middle of training for a triathlon I am spending increasing amounts of time in sweats.

The pictured cami top is from No Sweat who manufactures great looking union-made footwear & casual clothing. Already a fan of their fantastic footwear , I love their simple sweats range and their Fair Trade and and Got Democracy Tees.

No Sweat defines the market for goods that support independent trade unions - the only historically proven solution to sweatshops. With independent trade members in America , Canada and the developing world , No Sweat is fashion with morals.

No Sweat

Saturday, July 02, 2005

One for the boyfriend

low res chaur

My lovely partner is a pixel obsessed graphic designer and web developer so when I came across this low res chair from OOMS I had to post it. Made of steel and polyether foam the chair examines the relationship between quality and speed in the digital realm - which when applied to real life objects brings to light new facets of everyday existence.


Friday, July 01, 2005

Sparkling like a star


When the video for Delta Goodrems new single Mistaken Identity was released I spied something very interesting in the clip. Not a fan of her music , I am most definitely a fan of her style and especially the outfit worn in the Mistaken Identity video.

Delta sports a Brown dress which is worn with a fantastic piece of body jewelry , complemented by her back up dancers wearing similar jewelry - the people behind it? The amazingly talented Sarina Suriano.

Sarina is a Sydney based Jewelry and Accessories Designer who produces some of the most beautiful and high quality hand-made Costume Jewelry and Fashion Accessories. Introduced to her work in 2004 after her highly successful MAFW show I have been a fan ever since and am constantly surprised by her fantastic work.

Check out the Jewelry in action by viewing Delta Goodrem's video and then take a look at Sarina's work .

And all that jazz


Im a bit of a girly girl , my wardrobe is well stocked with the impractical and ‘feminine’ - I own thousands of dollars worth of makeup and will always choose to wear dresses over pants.

It is obvious then why I adore Trelise Cooper , whom churns out beautiful feminine collection after collection and her latest La Belle Époque inspired collection is no different.

Taking cues from the 1920’s , in a time of gangsters , grace , glamour and elegance Trelise Coopers designs feature printed chiffon, sultry silky satins, sensual velvets and sequins , beading and of course a little flounce.

This collection single handedly gives me a reason to be glad its winter.
Trelise Cooper