Thursday, June 30, 2005

These boots were made for wallking


Cindy Lauper had it right when she sang girls just want to have fun , i think thats one of the pushes behind Irregular Choice footwear which only became largely available in New Zealand last year. Previously stocked in small numbers , most IRC fans on this side of the world would resort to buying shoes from England and getting them shipped over often at five times the retail price.

Thankfully those days are over and Irregular Choice footwear has become a favourite with fashions young and adventurous. Two of my favourite pics available in stores right now are the pictured funky cowgirl boot from Irregular Choice. Cracked leather front and rear with smooth leather sides with different cowgirl prints on both sides. Spur feature on the heel and with a cute round toe the boot is being sold through Overland footwear under the andrea biani label . The other is the Irregular Choice 2919-2D boot which features square toes , back lace up detail and a cute print availible in three different colours this boot is sold through Shoe Connection in New Zealand and Zappos in America.

Irregular Choice 2919-2D boot @ zappos