Friday, June 10, 2005

Tea Party


Catherine Douzel said Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage , a sentiment fashionista agrees with. Why?

Tea provides a slew of health benefits , some varieties are high in free radical fighting anti oxidants whilst others can curb appetite or help give you a great nights sleep . Tea tastes delicious and for those of you who like owning lots of pretty things whether your style is modern , vintage or pop - tea accessories can add a warmth to your home or workplace as design items which also have fantastic practical uses.

The pictured tea pots and cups above are from a selection sold by Tea Total Ltd started by Anna Salek . They supply yummy teas to Cafes , Hotels and delis throughout New Zealand as well as having there own cafe in Auckland. The tea pots , cups and a selection of there great teas can be bought online at the Tea Total website.

Tea Total