Thursday, June 23, 2005

A taste of things to come


Strolling through french city streets , in the height of summer . Shopping bags in one hand cool lemonade in the other you are surrounded by chic fashion and people alike. You may stop later for coffee but right now your enjoy the french sun on the back of your neck and the beautiful shop windows which make your credit card ache.


Its a lovely thought , and far away from New Zealand winter realities. But fashion has this ability to transport you , and french summer will be one of the themes for Spring /Summer 2005-6 fashion.

Think stripes , checks and gingham. A palette or reds , whites and blacks paired with subtle pastel lemons , pinks and beige's which are girly and light. Floppy hats , tailoring and shorts. I can barely wait.

Pictured above is the ultra cute and sexy gingham play suit from the Kate Hurst Spring Summer 2005 /06 collection sweet wonder. Expect to see more of her fantastic designs as weather gets hotter.

Kate Hurst