Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sempre Di Footwear


Here in New Zealand we are being thrust into the depths of winter , and whilst this means a new season of delicious fashion the amount of trends and influences around this season can be a little confusing. Boho chic or cowgirl? 1940s starlet or home and cosey knitwear fiend?

This is why i love footwear , by choosing a certain kind of shoe we are able to mould and change the look of our finished outfit . A black dress with a simple stilleto is a great dinner outfit , the same dress with a pair of flats is perfect for a day shopping . Sempre Di create beautiful footwear , which is polished enough to wear with your business suit yet has an air of whimsey meaning it is a good weekend shoe too.

Leather in this seasons colours such as teals , pinks and shimmery bronzes are complimented by small but thicker heels which are a great juxtoposition for the floaty skirts and dresses around this season. Whilst classic footwear shiloettes are spiced up by the use of unusal curved cuts , bows and ribbon edging.

The newest range which includes round toes heels , boots and a little sparkle is availible from scarpa footwear in Auckland.