Thursday, June 23, 2005

A question of substance over style


Cars can be pretty right ?

Yesterday afternoon my partner and I were involved in a car accident , we are both o.k although very shaken . We are both really thank full for wearing our seat belts and having a pretty safe car and of course we are lucky that both we and the other driver were adhering to the speed limit .

Car design is one of those things that can be aesthetically pleasing , but unlike that fetching stainless steal toaster in your kitchen it can save your life . Both myself and my partner are car lovers , but from now i will be seriously thinking about the safety of any car we buy in the future.

Cars are all rated on there safety , and these ratings should be available to you. If you are in New Zealand please check out the information provided by the Land Transport Safety Authority before buying any car - or you can see some of the ratings on the trusted consumer institute website here and here .