Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Knit - wit

stitch n bitch

Ive just finished a knitwear trend piece for Nzgirl which got me started on my knitting love again.

I first was taught knitting as a 15 year old which i promptly forgot. It was not until second year university when i had hour long breaks between classes that i picked it up again - becoming ‘that girl that knits between classes’.

As silly and old lady as it sounds I LOVE KNITTING- frankly anything that is cheap , fun and useful is all right in my books . If you are interested in starting knitting yourself i cannot recommend the stitch n bitch and stitch n bitch nation books enough. Unlike other teach yourself to knit books these are hilarious , easy to follow and full with patterns for fun wonderful looking stuff like handbags.

Available from Amazon on the internet , but also Paper Plus and Whitcoulls book sellers in New Zealand.

Stitch n Bitch nation at Amazon