Monday, June 13, 2005

I smell cookies!


We here at Fashionista have a perfume addiction , it makes sense when you realise that scent is like the key to many memories - even some you didn't know you had. Christopher Gable and Christopher Brosius the makers of Demeter fragrances agree and have used this principle to create a range of award winning cult fragrances.

A pioneer in the fragrance industry , Demeter were the first to create single note perfumes out of everyday scents such as tomato , angel food cake and sugar cookie. These scents are so perfectly crafted that one whiff opens up a treasure trove of memories. The leather scent reminds me of horse-riding as a child whilst ginger ale reminds me of summer holidays in the islands.

Demters range has been extended to some 170 scents ranging from waffles to one called New Zealand.

The scents can be purchased from American store Sephora or Fashion Planet.

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