Thursday, June 09, 2005

Feeding your health and your walls


We here at Fashionista love the idea of a home spruce up. Some new carpet there and a splash of paint here and your living space is transformed. But faced with the realitys of a house smelling like paint or the fact that alot of house paint contains petrochemicals, solvents, mercury, formaldehyde, and benzene you can be excused for just wanting to leave everything how it is. That is of course untill now.

The lovely folks at Anna Sova have created a line of house paint made of 99% food safe ingredients. The range excludes some of the harmfull chemicals found in other products and is availible in a wide range of beautiful and funky colours ranging from pastels to punchy hues . But the best bit is the Aromatherapy range exclusively developed for Anna Sova paints , allows your house to be filled with scents such as Vanilla , Fresh Lemons and cloves through scent infused paints.

Say goodbye to paint fumes and health hazards and embrace a beautiful and delicious new home . Tasty.

Anna Sova