Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Apples and Oranges


.. o.k maybe just apples.

I really like little kitchen gadgets like apple corers - i think it all goes back to when i was a kid and my family never having them.
My mum and dad didn’t see the point of an apple corer if you could just use a knife to do the same thing ( how very practical and adult of them ) . And of course the kitchen heavyweights amongst us will know the good words of Anthony Bourdain ‘ yay another product which only does one thing and cant be sharpened ’ .

But i disagree , apple corers are cute , easy to use and enable me to make perfect baked apples. And in true Fashionista fashion there is no need to buy the boring regular kind when you can purchase excessively stylish ones like those pictured above.

The more simplistic one is made by Eva Solo and can be bought from good kitchen suppliers and The Magazine website for just $25.00 whilst the more complicated gadget which also handily cuts your apple into segments is from Williams Sonoma for $18.00 .

Cheap and handy practical design for apple lovers like me.

Eva Solo @ The Magazine

Williams Sonoma