Thursday, June 30, 2005

These boots were made for wallking


Cindy Lauper had it right when she sang girls just want to have fun , i think thats one of the pushes behind Irregular Choice footwear which only became largely available in New Zealand last year. Previously stocked in small numbers , most IRC fans on this side of the world would resort to buying shoes from England and getting them shipped over often at five times the retail price.

Thankfully those days are over and Irregular Choice footwear has become a favourite with fashions young and adventurous. Two of my favourite pics available in stores right now are the pictured funky cowgirl boot from Irregular Choice. Cracked leather front and rear with smooth leather sides with different cowgirl prints on both sides. Spur feature on the heel and with a cute round toe the boot is being sold through Overland footwear under the andrea biani label . The other is the Irregular Choice 2919-2D boot which features square toes , back lace up detail and a cute print availible in three different colours this boot is sold through Shoe Connection in New Zealand and Zappos in America.

Irregular Choice 2919-2D boot @ zappos

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Beauty Gadget - Change your colours

I know what your thinking ‘ What is that ?’ .
Well its an ingenious device made by Conair called the Pro Colour Accents which allows you to easily and temporarily change your hair colour.

The battery operated tool transfers washable temporary colour onto the hair strands from reusable and removable colour cartridges . The cartridges available in 11 different colours are non toxic and non staining and each cartridge features Individual push-in lids to re-seal and prevent color cartridges from drying out between uses.

Available from the Conair website .


Beauty Gadget - All in Tangles


From a girl with a head of annoyingly wavy hair i have to say the pictured Tangle Tamer from Remington is most intriguing .

The purple and pink device which resembles a cross between an electric toothbrush and a comb claims to remove tangles whilst minimising pain and hair breakage. Working like a traditional comb the Tangle Tamer is run through the hair whilst the comb teeth twist and glide right through most of the hairs tangles and is suitable for both wet and dry hair . Available from the Remington online store as well as selected other shops in America , England and Oceania .

Tangle Tamer at the Remington

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Apples and Oranges


.. o.k maybe just apples.

I really like little kitchen gadgets like apple corers - i think it all goes back to when i was a kid and my family never having them.
My mum and dad didn’t see the point of an apple corer if you could just use a knife to do the same thing ( how very practical and adult of them ) . And of course the kitchen heavyweights amongst us will know the good words of Anthony Bourdain ‘ yay another product which only does one thing and cant be sharpened ’ .

But i disagree , apple corers are cute , easy to use and enable me to make perfect baked apples. And in true Fashionista fashion there is no need to buy the boring regular kind when you can purchase excessively stylish ones like those pictured above.

The more simplistic one is made by Eva Solo and can be bought from good kitchen suppliers and The Magazine website for just $25.00 whilst the more complicated gadget which also handily cuts your apple into segments is from Williams Sonoma for $18.00 .

Cheap and handy practical design for apple lovers like me.

Eva Solo @ The Magazine

Williams Sonoma

Knit - wit

stitch n bitch

Ive just finished a knitwear trend piece for Nzgirl which got me started on my knitting love again.

I first was taught knitting as a 15 year old which i promptly forgot. It was not until second year university when i had hour long breaks between classes that i picked it up again - becoming ‘that girl that knits between classes’.

As silly and old lady as it sounds I LOVE KNITTING- frankly anything that is cheap , fun and useful is all right in my books . If you are interested in starting knitting yourself i cannot recommend the stitch n bitch and stitch n bitch nation books enough. Unlike other teach yourself to knit books these are hilarious , easy to follow and full with patterns for fun wonderful looking stuff like handbags.

Available from Amazon on the internet , but also Paper Plus and Whitcoulls book sellers in New Zealand.

Stitch n Bitch nation at Amazon

Misery is bliss

Misery is my favourite fashion label - and they are also a New Zealand label to boot!
Part of the Illicit clothing umbrella - misery’s realm of fantastic characters have graced album covers , been tatooed on the bodies of the willing as well as more conventional canvases.

Misery can also be seen on a range of fantastic clothing which is popular among New Zealand’s young and young at heart . But many don’t know that Misery clothing is not just printed tees , hoodies and totes but also encompases dresses , accessories , shirts and my favourite suiting .

Pictured above is the Martini dress , Hepburn Jacket and Audrey skirt.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bowls of food or food of bowls?


I was an odd kid , whilst other children screwed up their noses at vegetables i piled more brussel sprouts onto my plate . My love of produce does not stop at the eating - i love the look of fruits and vegetables which i will often use instead of flower arrangements in my home but these beautiful parchment bowls are really something else.

The pictured delicate bowls are created from slices of fruits and veggies , Designer Margaret Dorfman presses the materials until they are dehydrated, then crafts the one-of-a-kind bowls from overlapping strips of parchment.

Currently out of stock from uncommon goods but i had to post them because they are so beautiful.

Uncommon Goods

Its not all dark these days


In winter the fashion palette becomes more subdued - vivacious summer pinks become dusky , bright greens become mints and sages and background colours are dominated by rich and deep browns , reds and this season even black. This may seem outwardly boring , but toned down hues means that accent colours work twice as effectively and make a huge impact on your look.

Look for shimmery reds , teals and my favourite corals - to lighten and brighten up darker colours. Pictured is a casual day look from portmans which features this hot orange leopard lurex scarf which is reminiscent of Karen Wallkers queenie was a dog collection but at a fraction of the price.

portmans .

Friday, June 24, 2005

The source of fashion


Fashionsource is a new fashion trades show for the New Zealand fashion industry. The inaugural two-day event will be held at Ellerslie Event Centre , Auckland on September 19 & 20.
Unlike New Zealand fashion week fashionsource will be a trade only event which aims to bring a focus back onto business by putting upcoming ranges by designers and manufacturers in front of buyers from the Pacific region.

Fashionsource will have three floors of exhbiting space as well as runway shows and industry seminars presented in association with Fashion Industry New Zealand (FINZ) with more to be announced as the time draws closer.

Admission to the event is free. Registrations are now being accepted online Here .

Thursday, June 23, 2005

A taste of things to come


Strolling through french city streets , in the height of summer . Shopping bags in one hand cool lemonade in the other you are surrounded by chic fashion and people alike. You may stop later for coffee but right now your enjoy the french sun on the back of your neck and the beautiful shop windows which make your credit card ache.


Its a lovely thought , and far away from New Zealand winter realities. But fashion has this ability to transport you , and french summer will be one of the themes for Spring /Summer 2005-6 fashion.

Think stripes , checks and gingham. A palette or reds , whites and blacks paired with subtle pastel lemons , pinks and beige's which are girly and light. Floppy hats , tailoring and shorts. I can barely wait.

Pictured above is the ultra cute and sexy gingham play suit from the Kate Hurst Spring Summer 2005 /06 collection sweet wonder. Expect to see more of her fantastic designs as weather gets hotter.

Kate Hurst

A question of substance over style


Cars can be pretty right ?

Yesterday afternoon my partner and I were involved in a car accident , we are both o.k although very shaken . We are both really thank full for wearing our seat belts and having a pretty safe car and of course we are lucky that both we and the other driver were adhering to the speed limit .

Car design is one of those things that can be aesthetically pleasing , but unlike that fetching stainless steal toaster in your kitchen it can save your life . Both myself and my partner are car lovers , but from now i will be seriously thinking about the safety of any car we buy in the future.

Cars are all rated on there safety , and these ratings should be available to you. If you are in New Zealand please check out the information provided by the Land Transport Safety Authority before buying any car - or you can see some of the ratings on the trusted consumer institute website here and here .

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

All things cute and wonderful


Karissa Cove is a haven of utter cuteness filled with crafty handmade goods which ooze style and individuality. All the objects are created by one talented chica from Ontario who , armed with dedication and a love for what she did started her own business straight out of high school.

Now 25 , she started the Karissa Cove website after a large response to her first website crackers and honey and sells a range of items from purses and totes to aprons , zines and scarves.

Pictured is the sweetheart purse which retails for $45.00 USD . As well as looking great the bag is perfect for any girl with 4 small pockets for your cellphone, iPod, sunglasses and make-up - genius.

Karissa Cove

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Whats hot....... luxe leather


Leather accessories are key this season , being seen as a compliment for all major trends as shoes , belts , boots , gloves and even jewelry.
The fantastic thing is , leather and leather look accessories are available in a range of hues and finishes to compliment the eclectic mix of fashion themes meaning there is something for everyone.
I love the leather look accessories from Glassons which are cheap as chips and very chic whilst being animal free.
You can find more info about new seaons accessories from an Nzgirl piece i wrote here .

Top row - Vintage plaited belt $19.95 , Leather chain strap bag $24.95
Bottom row - Leather gloves $24.95 , DBL strap metal ring bag $19.95


Monday, June 20, 2005

Pop out Chairs


This funky chair designed by Industrial designer Ben Wilson and artist/ Illustrator Pete Fowler are are made out of pre stained 15mm MDF. Pete's artwork is engraved into the surface via a computer controlled cutting machine and the excess wood is used for its own packaging which is cute in itself.

Chairfx was inspired by Airfx model kits that are easily assembled using a mallet and saw the chairs themeselves are easily assembled in minutes by the end user . All i can say is if it looks this good and is this simple why on earth is no one else doing it?

You can purchase through Playbeast

Its A dogs life


I share my home with two cats , a guinea pig named Henry and an assortment of fish - its fair to say that we are a pet loving bunch so Post Modern Pets is an old favourite with everyone here at Fashionista.

Post Modern pets sell a range of funky pet ware for design savvy pets and there people catering for dogs , cats, fish and birds. In each section you can find stuff like beds , dinner wear and houses and make sure you check out the bent plywood dog feeders if you have a doggie at home they put those plastic dishes to shame .

Postmodern Pets

Getting the fix


I love the idea of doing one thing and doing it well , a concept business partners Kylee Davis & Jason Crawford know all to well. The duo are the brains behind New Zealand knitwear label Insidious Fix who have been providing New Zealanders with fashion foward and well made knitwear for ten years.

Moving beyond knitwear as jumpers , Insidious Fix create dresses , shirts , cardis and skirts under both the Insidious Fix label and also under there new label Esoteric. I especially like the Knot back sweater above with its simple front and dramatic back retailing for $159.00 (NZd) on the Insidious Fix website.

Insidious Fix

Saturday, June 18, 2005

All things bright and beautiful...


Rather like a magpie I have a love for shiny sparkly things , but when searching for jewelry I always want something a little different and outside the norm. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the beautiful and imaginative work of Alex Sepkus. Looking through the catalogue I saw elements of Klimt as well as little ethnic and tribal influences.

The Alex Sepkus range of jewelry contains Necklaces , Bracelets , Earrings , Rings , Pendants , pins and a range of mens and bridal wear. My delight are the rings , which with there quirky charm would make fantastic statement pieces or stunning everyday wear.

Alex Sepkus

Hot for Cybele


Every Fashion addict has their passion , it could be coats , footwear or vintage - I personally have a love for all three as well as a special place in my heart for dresses. Pretty in summer and perfect for winter , I love the way dresses make me feel and the fact that they are a complete outfit in one. In fact I have just finished writing a piece about dresses for Nzgirl.

My favourite dresses at the moment are made by New Zealand's own Cybele. The Femme Fatale influenced dresses pictured above are from the Angel Face collection - inspired by the classic motion picture genre of Film Noir with there dark , mysterious and seductive women characters.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

All the pretty lights


Aqua Creations was started in 1994 in Tel Aviv by talented designer Ayala. Making an innovative range of furniture and lighting products for businesses , interior design firms and individuals as well as a range of sought after limited edition pieces.
Aqua creations have become famous for the use of beautifully made organic forms that channel pants , fungi and sea life resulting in whimsical and dynamic design pieces. These organic forms work particularly well in Aqua creations lighting , such as the sunsa mobile pictured above .

You can purchase some of the range of Aqua creations products from ECC living in Wellington New Zealand , but see the beautiful Aqua Creations website for more information.

 Aqua Creations
 ECC Living

whats hot....... summer shoes as winter staples


Overseas fashion trends are formed by the climate , so it makes sense that America and Europe are awash with girly summer shoes in wedges , heels and wood details. In New Zealand you could be forgiven for being a little jealous but it neednt be so.

Dont miss out on beautiful footwear , be fashion foward and pair winter fashions with summer shoes.

top row- Irregular Choice London - 2917A @ wildpair / Shoe connection / Zappos
- Diesel Footwear - Astro heel @ Urban Outfitters

Bottom row -Lula shoes London -Jacqui @ scarpa
- Go Jane - Bambi Wedge @ gojane

Monday, June 13, 2005

I smell cookies!


We here at Fashionista have a perfume addiction , it makes sense when you realise that scent is like the key to many memories - even some you didn't know you had. Christopher Gable and Christopher Brosius the makers of Demeter fragrances agree and have used this principle to create a range of award winning cult fragrances.

A pioneer in the fragrance industry , Demeter were the first to create single note perfumes out of everyday scents such as tomato , angel food cake and sugar cookie. These scents are so perfectly crafted that one whiff opens up a treasure trove of memories. The leather scent reminds me of horse-riding as a child whilst ginger ale reminds me of summer holidays in the islands.

Demters range has been extended to some 170 scents ranging from waffles to one called New Zealand.

The scents can be purchased from American store Sephora or Fashion Planet.

Fashion planet

Kartell Furniture


Kartell Italian design house describes itself as Courageous, enterprising, nonconformist and experimentalist and looking at their range of products its not hard to understand why. Kartell is known around the world for making two things . The first beautiful pieces for the home and office the second is laboratory products - think glass beakers and jars.

The result of a company which does what appears to be two completely different things is an amazing and innovative use of materials such as glass , plastic and steel in both fields .

Heralded internationally for beautiful and innovative furniture Kartell collaborates with famous and talented designers from around the world such as Ron Arad, Antonio Citterio, Michele De Lucchi, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni, Vico Magistretti, Enzo Mari and Alberto Meda.

Some of the range is available in New Zealand from Askew in Ponsonby Auckland.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sempre Di Footwear


Here in New Zealand we are being thrust into the depths of winter , and whilst this means a new season of delicious fashion the amount of trends and influences around this season can be a little confusing. Boho chic or cowgirl? 1940s starlet or home and cosey knitwear fiend?

This is why i love footwear , by choosing a certain kind of shoe we are able to mould and change the look of our finished outfit . A black dress with a simple stilleto is a great dinner outfit , the same dress with a pair of flats is perfect for a day shopping . Sempre Di create beautiful footwear , which is polished enough to wear with your business suit yet has an air of whimsey meaning it is a good weekend shoe too.

Leather in this seasons colours such as teals , pinks and shimmery bronzes are complimented by small but thicker heels which are a great juxtoposition for the floaty skirts and dresses around this season. Whilst classic footwear shiloettes are spiced up by the use of unusal curved cuts , bows and ribbon edging.

The newest range which includes round toes heels , boots and a little sparkle is availible from scarpa footwear in Auckland.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Tea Party


Catherine Douzel said Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage , a sentiment fashionista agrees with. Why?

Tea provides a slew of health benefits , some varieties are high in free radical fighting anti oxidants whilst others can curb appetite or help give you a great nights sleep . Tea tastes delicious and for those of you who like owning lots of pretty things whether your style is modern , vintage or pop - tea accessories can add a warmth to your home or workplace as design items which also have fantastic practical uses.

The pictured tea pots and cups above are from a selection sold by Tea Total Ltd started by Anna Salek . They supply yummy teas to Cafes , Hotels and delis throughout New Zealand as well as having there own cafe in Auckland. The tea pots , cups and a selection of there great teas can be bought online at the Tea Total website.

Tea Total

The New Cool?


Dowse Gallery in Lower Hutt Wellington has a well earned reputation of focussing on art , design and culture sometimes missing from other galleries in New Zealand. There new interactive exhibition ‘ The New Cool ‘ is no different.
The exhibition pays homage to a new generation of New Zealand business people , people that are often referred to as slackers by older generations - New Zealand's Youth. Young New Zealander’s have founded businesses in print media , interactive , fashion, music and television producing resulting in successful and innovative businesses that are earning kudos at home and abroad.
Following 12 youth driven companies , ‘ The New Cool ’ tells inspirational stories of small beginnings , big ideas and success whilst allowing the included companies to show there wares and there business concepts to potential new audiences.
And for those of us who have big dreams of our own , the exhibition is accompanied by a series of free saturday seminars giving visitors the opportunity to meet the directors of some of The New Cool companies and learn from there triumphs and mistakes. Be in quick though as the places will fill up fast!
The New Cool @ The Dowse 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt - Wellington.
June 9 - August 2005

The New Cool at The Dowse

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Feeding your health and your walls


We here at Fashionista love the idea of a home spruce up. Some new carpet there and a splash of paint here and your living space is transformed. But faced with the realitys of a house smelling like paint or the fact that alot of house paint contains petrochemicals, solvents, mercury, formaldehyde, and benzene you can be excused for just wanting to leave everything how it is. That is of course untill now.

The lovely folks at Anna Sova have created a line of house paint made of 99% food safe ingredients. The range excludes some of the harmfull chemicals found in other products and is availible in a wide range of beautiful and funky colours ranging from pastels to punchy hues . But the best bit is the Aromatherapy range exclusively developed for Anna Sova paints , allows your house to be filled with scents such as Vanilla , Fresh Lemons and cloves through scent infused paints.

Say goodbye to paint fumes and health hazards and embrace a beautiful and delicious new home . Tasty.

Anna Sova