Friday, October 06, 2006

Handicrafts go high fashion


Tasmin Cooper is the girl behind the self named fashion label from New Zealand . Specialising in hand embroidered silk items , this Queenstown based designer is a firm New Zealand fashion favourite .

The art of hand embroidery is something that is falling by the wayside with the introduction of mechanical embroidery so its great to see needlepoint not only being revived but positioned as a luxury product .

Tasmin produces a huge array of small items ranging from Wallets , makeup purses , scarves and bags all with high quality silk and an attention to detail . But its her silk velvet collection which has really turned heads . The range is made up by a collection of silk velvet coats which all feature the Tasmin Cooper signature hand embroidered and beaded detailing . Each timeless and stylish coat is available in a range of colours and lined with parachute silk .


Tasmin Cooper

Thursday, October 05, 2006

'Cup' sized cups


I love all the new initiatives to fund breast cancer research , after all the whole thing is kind of close to me . Not only am I the proud owner of a pair of boobies , but I also have some family history of breast cancer .

Im in particular love with the pictured coffe cups from Stevens . Inspired by bra sizes the cups come in size AA perfect for espresso through to D for larger beverages like lattes! Each set sold raises $5.00 for Breast Cancer Research .


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nz Fashion week

Julliette Hogan at ANFW

Ive been away for a bit covering New Zealand Fashion week for Nzgirl , and then getting organised when i got back !

This was my second time at the annual fashion extravaganza and it was a really interesting week with a few unexpected stand outs . Not only did i get to mosey along to the womens shows , but also headed along to menswear shows and a couple of streetwear labels . If you want to know what i got up to check out my show coverage here and my menswear rundown here .

Image care of Micheal Ng and Air New Zealand Fashion Week . Image taken from Juliette Hogan Winter 2007 collection .

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Perfect Match


Foundation can be such a tricky thing to get right , and you can spend years tracking down the perfect colour for your skin tone . That is until now . Phoenix cosmetics is a New Zealand based cosmetics company run by the very talented Phoenix Renata who bought a love of makeup , experience as a fantastic makeup artist and a passion for high quality products .

All of her product line is fantastic , mixing vintage edge with high tech formulations and ease of application . But the best product hands down is the Custom Blended Foundation .

Yep you heard me right , Phoenix cosmetics will make a foundation just for you to match your skin tone exactly . The makeup artist blended foundation gives a medium coverage and is packed vitamins to hydrate and moisturise the skin . You can even pick from a matt or dewey finish!

The best bit ? It only costs $60.00(nzd)

Phoenix Cosmetics
Boutique Shop
513a New North Road
New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 524 2583
Phoenix Cosmetics

Multi use


I love stuff that can be used for more than one thing . The pictured Quatrro Quarti 4/4 shelving and table unit is the perfect example of that in practice . Despite the long the name , the units are cute and sweet with the ability to be stacked for shelving in a number of ways or used as a s shaped table . Great for a modern living enviroment or for the kids room , the plastic shelves are stylish and durable.

Quatrro Quarti shelves at 2 modern

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Its not a sofa .. Or a bed..


Im going to be honest and say im generally not a huge fan of sofa beds but i understand why people need them . I mean if your short on space and still need an extra bed for when your friends stay , of if you have a tiny living space and need that sofa to be your bed . Or if you just really dig things that do more than one thing . All that taken into account I don't really .. like sofa beds.

That is of course , apart from the pictured Doc sofa bed . For this sofa bed is decidedly stylish - I mean just look at it . Its neither hideous nor huge . But not only that , it transforms in a A super cool way which reminds me of transformers and hence makes me like it a whole bunch more . And if that wasn't enough the sofa does not just change into one bed - but bunks !



Doc Sofa Bed via Oh gizmo

Current Love : Peep Toes


I'm absolutely loving the return of the vintage inspired peep toe . The style reminds me of Marilyn and other pin up stars and a mix of sensuality and cuteness . In particular I'm loving the pictured "vintage" shoe from Yvonne Benneti in its floral print silk and playful wedge heel .

Yvonne Benneti "vintage" at Scarpa Shoes

Wednesday, September 13, 2006



Its always nice to have a little something that gives you the creative spark when your feeling a bit down . That's why I love the T - shirt surgery community on

This entire community is full of souls who are so cute and creative they make entire wardrobes out of re made t-shirts . The modifications range from the simple ( t shirts made into halter tops and simple skirts ) to the amazing ( t shirts made into ornate dresses , tailored jackets and bags ).

Some make money of their modified t-shirts selling them on eBay , others make to order . Many are simply experimenting , asking questions or making tutorials for others to use . It seems a great and simple way to get into the growing DIY movement , and the folks here are so supportive its no wonder they boast over four thousand members .

Be sure to check out their userinfo as well , which is home to a plethora of links ranging from inspiration sites to T-shirt stenciling community's and selling community's .

T-Shirt Surgery @ Livejournal

All Is Well


Originally hailing from Dunedin , trained at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology and now one of Wellington's rising stars . Miranda Wellings may not be a name you know right now , but with critical success , strong directional collections and a growing following of fans she is destined to be one of New Zealand fashions elite .

A background in design and high fashion retail has given Miranda an excellent eye for detailing , drapery and design which is paired with an innate understanding of what women want to wear . Such a mix of skills is invaluable , and really shows in the quality of work Miranda is producing .

For her summer collection “signs in the spills” creamy bright yellows and stark whites play off shots of red and blue whilst her signature blot print unifies and softens the entire collection. Detailing is present everywhere as is Wellings signature use of volume and clean lines to create original silhouettes which flatter the female form and can be worn in a variety of ways .

Miranda Wellings
Unity Collection - Wellington
Unity Collection – Auckland
Soup – Christchurch
Page 74 – Tauranga
Reve – Palmerston North

P.R contact Sarah care of Whippet

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So Very Lilly


I live in dresses . I'm of the opinion there is no other garment that can beat a dress for comfort and style . It kind of annoys me that in this country many see them as only suitable for formal attire , when they are really wardrobe perfection !

But , I am seeing is a whole new lot of dress converts as late . Designers are using dresses more and more in their collections and in a true sign of a fashion shift , nearly every women's store has at least 5 dress styles now – we have come a long way baby . I thank the rise of well cut garments paired with * wince * celeb fashion for the beginning of a sea change . After all how many girls did you see in chucks and a line sun dresses before Lilly Allen hit the charts ? In fact her name popped to mind when viewing the summer offerings from kiwi label Ooby Ryn , pictured is one of their new seasons dress styles with its great print , classic lines and worn with a fantastic Ooby Ryn belt .

Ooby Ryn

Mellow Yellow


Every season there is “A” colour . You can tell what it is because everyone uses it in there collections and suddenly out of no where it starts arriving in chain stores in huge numbers .
This season its yellow , yellow in every shade , texture and accent under the sun . And frankly as taken aback as i was when i heard yellow would be the colour du jour last year .... now that its arrived I'm really impressed by what's around .

The best locally comes from Zambesi , their summer collection makes a great colour follow up to the Zambesi winter offerings . The yellow that is peppered throughout their designs is paired with shimmering blues and crisp creams and whites which are melded in a signature leaf print . The pictured corsca dress is my favourite , but check out their site for great yellow swimwear and accent pieces .